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Dividend Informer (DI) NEW!
Our newest offering is a premium online newsletter focusing exclusively on dividend-paying stocks. Written by the professional money managers at Provident Investment Management and edited by Douglas Gerlach (the same team behind Investor Advisory Service), Dividend Informer delivers detailed, high-quality analysis on securities which provide a combination of income and long-term appreciation. Subscribers receive regular research on companies with a track record of offering regular, increasing capital return in addition to potential for share price growth. Emphasis is placed on dividend yield, but the newsletter also highlights companies returning significant capital to shareholders via share repurchases and debt reduction. Available exclusively on

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SmallCap Informer (SCI)
A monthly small-cap stock newsletter designed to help individual investors to discover and analyze small-cap stocks for their portfolios. The SmallCap Informer presents profiles of small-cap stocks with superior track records and outstanding long-term prospects. Each monthly issue of the SmallCap Informer is packed with information aimed at helping you make smarter investing decisions about the small-cap stocks in your portfolio, including one or two in-depth stock recommendations. From helping you learn about making better decisions about small company stocks to presenting new ideas for your portfolio, SCI will educate and inform you each month.

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Investor Advisory Service (IAS)
A monthly advisory newsletter designed for those investors who want to use time-tested methods of long-term stock investing -- but who don't want to do all the work! The Investor Advisory Service is a multiple Hulbert Investment Newsletter Honor Roll recipient, an acknowledgement of its superior long-term performance. Written by the professional money managers at Provident Investment Management and edited by financial author Douglas Gerlach, every monthly issue of IAS features two or three stock recommendations, based on BetterInvesting methods and with completed SSGs; investing education; a ranking of 60 to 80 previously recommended stocks; and more.

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StockCentral is a comprehensive investing portal for long-term focused individual stock investors, featuring historical data and detailed multi-page company reports on 7,700 publicly-traded companies. Other features include full-featured investment record-keeping and portfolio management, sector and industry averages, discussion boards, a stock screener, an automated financial ratio analyzer, technical price charts, our proprietary TakeStock stock analyzer, a dividend research center, and tools for analyzing real estate investment trusts (REITs).

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Take Stock
Own the book that set the standard for fundamental investing methodology -- Take Stock. Who says you have to be a professional, or consult one, to consistently earn money in the stock market? If you're tired of paying brokers high commissions for middling results, let Take Stock guide you through the investing jungle and dispel the myths about successful investing. Ellis Traub's Take Stock tells you exactly how a "normal person" like you -- regardless of education or experience -- can invest successfully. Designed for beginners but beneficial to all fundamental long term investors, Take Stock is an important addition to your investing library.

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