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"Customer service is terrific. Just keep doing what you are doing already -- Quick response time, friendly customer service, knowledgeable representatives and a caring environment. It's a pleasure to know that these qualities still exist in some companies."
Catherine E., Forest Heights, MD

"Irving was extremely helpful and is a definite asset to your company. He solved my problem immediately."
Sharon K., Shell Lake, WI

"Liz was very helpful and I very pleased with her help. Liz's help was a life saver for me in dealing with my problem and for our club members in getting the K-1 completed.
Dale C., El Reno, OK

"John and Dan were fabulous in helping me - patient and knowledgeable. One of my problems took some time, but they did not let me down. I was very impressed and hugely appreciative"
Carol T., Rochester, MN

"Andrew is a tremendous asset to your Customer Support group. He listened to my problem, told me what to do, took me thru the process and solved my problem."
Louise M., Forest, VA

"I received my reply via email within 5 minutes of inquiry.... that eased my frustration I was experiencing.... Thanks much!!"
Barbara H., LaFayette, GA

"Thanks to all of the folks at ICLUBcentral. I have had several issues with a new computer and a new operating system and all have been very helpful and encouraging. Thanks so much again."
Patricia C., Richmond, VA

"Sean was so helpful, and enthusiastic, and provided additional suggestions on new products that would be coming up in the next few weeks that I'd be interested in. Service was perfect. I've never called Customer Service before, (I needed my code to reinstall), and I'm unlikely to need to call again. But, thanks!"
Lisa S., Springfield, IL

"Dan was the representative that worked with me on the issues we were dealing with. I can not say enough good about him. He was extremely professional, helpful, and ALWAYS got back to me as he said he would. Please give him a raise or promotion---or both! Thank you, Dan!!"
Lin C., Hibbing, MN

"Give everybody a raise. They all do an excellent job. Unlike a call center - they answer and respond w/ personalities and inflections as opposed to canned answers delivered in monotones."
Judy R., Deer Island, OR

"I teach Club Accounting for my area Chapter. I'm usually the guy helping out local clubs if they contact us instead of you. It was nice to contact you and have such a timely and correct resolution. If someone in the Houston area needs personal attention, do not hesitate to contact me."
Cathy G., Houston, TX

"The response time for my issue was excellent, especially considering that Customer Support must be flooded with requests during this very busy time of year. The directions I received were clear and accurate, and worked the first time I tried them. Thanks very much for your help.'
Mike R., Haslett, MI

"I was surprised to hear from Customer/Tech support so quickly, considering it's tax time. Once again, Adrienne solved my problem. Adrienne and ICLUBcentral - keep up the good work. Thank you!"
Tammy H., Mililani, HI

"Your Customer Service and software has greatly improved. I was very satisfied with my recent encounter. BRAVO!"
Dianne D., Leavenworth, WA

"I was very pleased. It's nice to have a program you enjoy using and that comes with reliable customer service."
Betty J., Houston, TX

"The lady I spoke with was so patient, kind, courteous, knowledgeable and so helpful. If I were rating her it would be A+++++. I asked so many basic questions and she walked me through each one. She really represents quality."
Virginia B., Fort Myers, FL

"I must state that Adrienne always goes the "extra step" and eases my concerns with her most pleasant demeanor AND knowledge of "fixes". I have been successful with all of her suggestions. She is a valued support staff in my book! You GO GIRL!"
Gloria R., Rohnert Park, CA

"Thank you so much for you service. Anytime I have a problem the ICLUBcentral Support are very prompt, and don't make me feel dumb. Sometimes as soon as I send the question, I find that if I had just taken the time to continue reading I would have found the answer myself. They are always so nice in their responses and don't point out that the answer was right there all the time! I can't thank you enough for this service."
Annmarie B., Portland, OR

"I am happy to say that - support has improved considerably.This is a welcome change from the past. keep up the good work."
Daniel M., Framingham, MA

"I was very impressed with your rep. He gave me the information that allowed me to make my decision easily. I believe his recommendation was the best for my club."
Remle W., Sarasota, FL

�Thank you so much for your reply. It gives me great peace of mind to know there is help available.�
Carol E, Washoe Valley, NV

�Since I emailed on a Saturday night, I didn't expect a response until Monday. When a response was here Sunday morning, I was completely surprised and very grateful! Thanks for the quick reply!�
Nancy B., Turlock, CA.

�I couldn't have ask for better people to work with me on my problems. They know what they are doing and I appreciate so much knowing they are there whenever I need them. Thanks everybody for your help with the new NAIC accounting update. It really does work now. Thanks.�
Gayle C., Childress, TX

�Customer Support Rep. Adrieanne Did an EXCELLENT job with my dilemma (Tax software Update) She not Only assisted me in Locating the NEW Tax update file but, also Updated my Club Information at ICLUB!!! Thanks!�
John H., New Caney, TX

�I'm a new user to IAS and have so far had 2 questions answered very quickly and helpfully. Thanks for being there.�
Patricia L., New York, NY

"Thanks for asking me the right questions! This is just like at work. A program won't work correctly, and as soon as you ask someone to look at your code, you see the error."
Margaret R., Chelsea, MI

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