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Tips and Resources for Investing Software

For downloads, articles, Powerpoint presentations and other material regarding ICLUBcentral's software, please visit the following resource pages:


Online Club Accounting

Using Club Accounting Online
This presentation is a basic tour of Club Accounting Online

Don't fear! Common Concerns on Using Online Club Accounting
This presentation addresses common concerns on using NAIC Online Club Accounting.


Club Accounting

Learning Club Accounting
Club Accounting 3 training - one year of Club Accounting, from club setup through your first tax season

Teaching Club Accounting
Dan Abraham's Director Training on how to teach the Club Accounting software using the 'Learning Club Accounting' presentation.

Club Accounting Concepts
Presentation on the concepts behind club accounting

Don't Do That!
There are many "best practices" presentations on how to run your club. This presentation focuses on the worst practices. New and established groups should review this presentation to avoid mistakes made by other clubs!

Closing the Club Books and Preparing Club Taxes
This presentation shows you how to close the club books for the year, and prepare your taxes.



Adding Judgment
Here's Rich Beaubien's Handouts for his presentation on Adding Judgment to Sections 1 & 2 of the SSG.

A New Look at Portfolio Management
Here's Rich Beaubien's Handouts for his presentation on portfolio management.

Balance Sheet Analysis
This goes a bit beyond the SSG to tackle the corporate balance sheet.

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