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The best way to learn about any of ICLUBcentral's popular software programs for investment clubs and individual investors is to download a free demo version of a program and try it out for yourself! Check the "Learn More" link to learn about system requirements for any of these programs. The programs will run as full-featured demos for 30 days following installation; after that point, you must either register the program or uninstall it.

If you have purchased a copy of any ICLUBcentral software program, you can install or re-install it by downloading the demo version linked below, then activate the program with your serial number to enable full functionality.

Club Tax Printers (2020)

Download Federal | Federal Manual
Download State | State Manual
Learn More | See the Club Tax Printer Download page for more instructions.

Toolkit 6 (v6.5.4)

Download Demo (May also be used to install or re-install)
Manual | Learn More | Tips & Resources

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