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When do I get my first issue?

An annual Mutual Fund Informer subscription includes twelve monthly issues.

The Mutual Fund Informer is published on the third Friday of each month. The print edition is mailed to subscribers via First Class Mail on that date and generally arrives in subscriber mailboxes within two or three business days.

The online issue of Mutual Fund Informer is released on the subscribers-only website on the publication date shortly after the market closes on the third Friday of each month. An e-mail announcement is sent to subscribers when the issue is published on the website. Because e-mail messages do not always arrive in a timely fashion, do not depend on the e-mail to notify you the issue is available.

In addition to each monthly issue, we may publish updates or alerts when appropriate. Subscribers should make sure that we have your e-mail address on file so that we can reach you with these announcements as well as send renewal notices for your subscription.

How do I get access to Mutual Fund Informer online?

To access your online Mutual Fund Informer subscription:

  1. Go to the Mutual Fund Informer website at:
  2. If you are a new MFI subscriber, but have an existing myICLUB, Investor Advisory Service. SmallCap Informer or StockCentral username, enter the username and password you use for those services. If not, create a new login and password. Your email must be the same we have on file with your Mutual Fund Informer subscription.
  3. Please note that your online account does not activate until the next billing cycle.

Contact Technical Support

  • Web: Click here
  • Toll-free: 877-33-ICLUB
  • Phone: 248-654-3100

    At the prompt, press 5, then 1.

    Download the "How to Use MFI" User Guide (PDF)

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