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Dig Deeper into the BetterInvesting Top 100 Stocks

March 17, 2022's pre-defined screen of the BI Top 100 stocks is a great starting point for stock searches.

Each year, BetterInvesting reports on the Top 100 stocks held by investment clubs as of year-end. The list is based on the total number of investment clubs that hold each stock. This list represents a snapshot in time of the most popular stocks held by America's investment clubs.

In the Pre-Defined Screens section of, the most recently-released Top 100 is available, displayed with a list of common fundamental metrics. Once displayed, you can click any column header to sort by that column, customize the report criteria by clicking "Define Report," or refine the screen by clicking "Define Criteria" and adding further search items.

This pre-defined screen can be a potent tool for identifying stocks that fit a long-term growth strategy, and is just one of several pre-defined screens provided to help users jump-start their stock searches. is the only stock screener specifically designed for fundamental investing. Search for stocks using any of 120 individual criteria in categories including growth, value, quality, and safety, and sort within results to to find the best companies that meet the needs for your portfolio. A free demo is available, then subscribe today.

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