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Learn how to start and run a successful investment club from Doug Gerlach, America's Investment Club Expert. Doug, the author of five books (including Investment Clubs for Dummies), has helped tens of thousands of clubs and their members to become smarter investors using sound, long-term stock investing strategies and common-sense guidelines for club operations. The "Club Hub" is a complete library of articles on starting and running an investment club written by Doug and his fellow club experts.

Getting Started

What is an Investment Club?
There's nothing mysterious about an investment club. Here's a good introduction to investment clubs.

Top 3 Steps to Starting an Investment Club
Here are three easy steps to getting an investment club rolling: Legal setup, the club books, and setting up a brokerage account.

Starting an Investment Club
This article includes all the tips and tricks to get your club off the ground without a hitch.

Your Initial Letter
Want to ask your friends to join but don't know how? This non-invasive letter will put a fun spin on starting an investment club.

Starting an Online Investment Club
Learn the differences between traditional and online clubs - and learn the ins and outs of cyberspace clubs.

A Partnership - Really?
Here is a little detail on why a partnership may be the best legal form when starting an investment club.

Warning, Warning
Learn about some key pitfalls to avoid when starting on your investment club adventure.

Silent Partners?
Some detail on whether or not your investment club can, or should have silent partners as members.

Finding an Investment Club
Having trouble finding an investment club to join? This article will help you tackle the task of finding the best club for you.

Setting Initial Goals for Your Investment Club
Successful investment clubs have goals that make sense - and stick to them!

Essentials for Starting an Investment Club

Sample Partnership Agreement
This sample investment club partnership agreement will give you the edge in starting your club legally and correctly in your state.

Sample Bylaws/Operating Procedures
Tough figuring out the details of investment club procedures? You're not alone. These sample bylaws will help.

The Mission Statement
A solid mission statement will make sure all partners are on the same page when starting an investment club - this is a must!

Fun and Education
Remember, being a part of an investment club means much more than making a profit over the long-term.

Sample Meeting Agenda and Minutes
A sample meeting agenda and minutes for an investment club.

Investment Club Accounting
Having trouble understanding unit valuation? This article will help you figure out your club accounting and where to go for help.

Maintaining Your Investment Club

Adding New Members
Did you have a member leave recently and need to fill his or her space? Maybe you would like to increase contributions? Here is more on adding new members.

When to Sell Your Stock
Selling in an investment club can be one of the most difficult tasks to undertake. Remember, it's only buy-and-hold if it makes sense.

Club Hardship
Having trouble coming up with monthly club payments? Investment Club hardship may be for you.

Running an Organized Meeting
One of the biggest struggles mentioned by club presidents.

Getting Fear out of Your Club
Be careful when fear creeps into your club atmosphere. You never know what could happen.

Preparing For Your Club's Annual Audit
There are a few things you must remember when completing your club's annual audit. Our free Investment Club Audit Checklist can help.

Should Your Club Have a Business Plan?
Are your bylaws and mission statement enough, or do you need more?

When Should Members Be Allowed to Join or Leave a Club?
Your club's operating agreement stipulates how members join or withdraw from a partnership. Here are some additional tips.

Best Practice for Member Withdrawals
Some partner withdrawal methods have significant advantages both for the member and the club.

Guest Speakers Keep it Interesting
Inviting experts to present to your club can help educate and inform your members.

About Doug Gerlach

Doug Gerlach, President of ICLUBcentral, Inc., since 2005, is a nationally recognized expert on online investing and investment clubs. He is the author of five books, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing and Investment Clubs for Dummies. He was a contributing editor for Mutual Funds Magazine, and wrote articles for Individual Investor, PC World and other publications. He has been featured in numerous programs and publications, including BusinessWeek, Individual Investor, Boston Globe, New York Times, Worth, CNNfn, and Yahoo! FinanceVision. Gerlach's website efforts have garnered accolades from Forbes, Barron's, Money Magazine, The Economist, US News & World Report, and Fortune. Doug is a popular speaker at Investors Fairs and workshops held across the country and around the world, from Honolulu to Berlin.

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