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September 24, 2001 - Summary

Condolences in the wake of tragedy

We at ICLUBcentral are deeply saddened by the recent tragic terrorist attacks and wish to extend our deepest condolences to everyone affected. We sincerely hope that you, your families, and your friends are safe and secure. Our prayers are with all of those whose lives have been altered by this monstrous act.

We encourage those who wish to assist in the relief effort to contact the American Red Cross. Call 1-800 GIVE LIFE for information on donating blood or 1-800 HELP NOW to make a financial contribution. You can also visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency for information on other ways to help.

Progress: A few things you may not know
by Rich Beaubien, VP Marketing

Normally, this area of our newsletter would be devoted to telling you about how great our products are--you know, a marketing blurb kind of thing. Most of you probably tend to just skim this area in case we've hidden some gems in here. Well, pay attention--this newsletter is a bit different.

I want you to know that we are not just sitting here answering the phones and collecting your money. We are listening to your feedback and continually improving our software.

As loyal customers, let me give you a hint: Soon you'll see an update to your NAIC Club Accounting--yes, that "Update" button on your screen in NCA 2 really does something. We'll let you know when to start clicking it for an improved version of NCA 2.

You won't even need to click, however, to enjoy an updated web product. We usually add new features to NAIC Online Club Accounting without much fanfare. Unless we brag about them, the subtle changes tend to pass unnoticed. Well, let me just say that a major revision is in the offing: we have completely overhauled the site, inside and out. We'll keep you informed as we implement this improvement.

Many other changes are in the works. You'll find, for example, that our desktop and online programs are becoming ever more tightly integrated. These changes are often a result of NAIC members letting us know what they want. Or how we may be in error. And we've got ideas for you too: some new tools, some better service.

We monitor several forums on the net and elsewhere for your feedback. We poke through NAIC's Compuserve forum and the Motley Fool while religiously following NAIC's Club Treasurers List and I-Club List.

We feel the criticism, revel in the praise, and hear your suggestions. What we receive from these channels are an important part of the process. Some of it "stings" but hey, we all learn. We want to make sure these products continue to be the best available.

Our response to your input may not always be immediately apparent, but we are listening and we are responding. We are listening, so share your thoughts with us. Remember that--we will listen. Write to us at or pester me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.

Special offer from ICLUBcentral and TD Waterhouse

Want $100?

We are offering special rebates and cash incentives to any customer who opens a new account at TD Waterhouse.*

Over the coming weeks, receive $100 in cash when you open an individual account with a minimum balance of $1000 through the following link:

Soon, we'll let you know about a special offer for new TD Waterhouse club accounts as well. Stay tuned!

* Accounts must be opened in accordance with terms described on the promotional page. This offer is for a limited time.

ICLUBtherapist Answers Clubs' Questions

Dear Doug:

I am a member of the Classic Ladies Investment Klub in Santa Barbara, CA. We have 9 members and 11 stocks in our current portfolio with a total value of $17,000. Approximately how many different stocks should an investment club of our size be capable of managing in our portfolio?
- RgrRisdall

Dear RgrRisdall:

One of the golden rules of investment club portfolio management is diversification. A portfolio that includes stocks of multiple personalities and demeanors is not in need of clinical treatment-- it's actually a good thing. The stocks in your club portfolio should represent a variety of industry groups and should vary in size, and no single stock or sector should be over-represented.

NAIC recommends that you aim for your portfolio to be made up one-quarter large companies, one-quarter small companies, and the rest in between. This diversification strategy will help you reduce some of the risk in your portfolio, particularly if one of your holdings falls flat or if a specific industry experiences problems. In addition, throughout the history of the market, small and large companies have tended to perform well at opposite times. Having a good mix of stocks can help smooth out the returns your portfolio will generate when compared to a portfolio made up of only a few non-diverse stocks. Of course, an all-equity portfolio will not be immune from a correction or crash in the stock market, but that's where your long-term approach will help you see through the short- term gyrations of the market.

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