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March 1, 2002 -

Important Pricing Announcements

Additional Copy price slashed from $99 to $39

To make life easier for clubs with Assistant Treasurers or Co-Treasurers, ICLUBcentral and NAIC have reduced to just $39 the price of an Additional Copy of NAIC Club Accounting for Windows. Order by calling NAIC at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0.

NAIC Online Club Accounting $19/yr after June 1; $49/yr with Premium Support

Last November, we promised that NAIC Online Club Accounting (NOCA, at would be free through April 15, 2002. We are extending this free period to June 1, 2002 for current users.

After June 1, we will begin charging an annual subscription fee for access to NOCA, the leading online software for club accounting and administration. This fee will enable us to maintain and further improve the offerings at the site.

NOCA will remain free of charge to all clubs with current Support contracts for NAIC Club Accounting or NAIC Online Club Accounting. (Remember--New User products come with 12 months of Support; Upgrades bring 3 months; and annual extensions are $49, available from NAIC at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0.)

Clubs without current support contracts which wish to use NOCA after June 1 will be subject to an annual fee of $19, which includes full club accounting, end-of-day stock quotes, file storage, message boards, voting, calendar features, and more. For an additional $30 per year NOCA clubs may purchase support, which also includes a bunch of extra online goodies.

If you have questions about this, please pause before asking them--we will be sending details of these options by email to all NOCA users, so keep an eye out for this in the next week.

$99 NCA 2 Upgrade discount expires June 30

Customers using NAIC Club Accounting (NCA) versions 1.04 or earlier have until June 30, 2002, to upgrade to NCA 2 at the discount price of $99. After that date, users wishing to upgrade must pay the full New User price (currently $169 for NAIC members). Purchase the upgrade by calling NAIC Sales toll-free at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0, or buy it online at

NAIC Club Tax Printer Update

Online Tax Printer Now Available

Complete your club's IRS tax forms in under ten minutes with NAIC Online Club Accounting! NOCA enables you to print your 1065 and K-1 tax forms effortlessly. The tax reports are built right into the program, so you don't have worry about installing anything. And since the forms are stored online, everyone in your club has access to them and can download or print them at their convenience. (NOCA is thus perfect for clubs that need tax forms in a hurry, since club members have instant access to their forms.) If your club isn't online yet, our simple wizard will walk you through the data upload process. Sign up at

Windows Tax Printer 1.104 Released

You can update to this latest version of the 2001 NAIC Club Tax Printer via a simple download. Just point your browser to This will start the file download. Run the downloaded file while your tax printer is closed, then rerun your tax printer, and you'll be using the latest version, which has added support for charitable contributions, an amended return checkbox option, and fixed errors with foreign taxes and equally allocated expense distributions. If you're having trouble printing from your tax printer, updating to this version is the most likely fix.

Macintosh version forthcoming

The 2001 NAIC Club Tax Printer for Macintosh is in NAIC beta testing, and we expect to release it soon. Please note that this is the last year we'll be producing a Mac tax printer, as most of our Mac users have upgraded to NAIC Online Club Accounting (NOCA, at Support for all of our past Mac products will cease on December 31, 2002. Users of these products can easily move their datafiles to NOCA or to NCA for Windows; please contact us if you have any questions about this process.

Common Support Questions

During tax season, our Customer Support team receives hundreds of questions a day. We manage to answer most of them within 24 hours, though some of the more prickly problems can take a bit longer. A few common questions are below, along with simple solutions so that you can get working faster.

Remember that if you do have a question, you'll get the quickest response by asking us online at This form will ask you for some basic information that will make it easier for us to help you faster.

Withdrawn Members on Your K-1?

Make sure you have installed the latest tax printer update, located at Download and run this file while your tax printer is closed, then rerun your tax printer, and--poof--the withdrawn members are gone!

Are you an AOL customer downloading "corrupt" files?

Follow three simple steps to end the corruption:

  1. Connect to the Internet using your AOL account, then MINIMIZE the AOL screen.
  2. Open another web browser that is installed on your computer. (Most Windows users can do this by clicking on the blue "e" at the bottom of their screen.)
  3. Click on the item you wish to download to initiate the file download.

Registration troubles

Having trouble registering your tax printer, even though you've got your club name, serial number, and registration code? Find the solution at

Having trouble unlocking your tax printer? You need to register. Find step-by-step directions at

More answers to common problems located at:

$100 rebate offer from ICLUBcentral and TD Waterhouse

There are 2 things that every investment club needs:

  • a brokerage account.
  • club accounting software.

ICLUBcentral brings you thirteen years of experience in building NAIC Club Accounting software. Now, we can help you find the right broker as well. If you open a new club brokerage account at TD Waterhouse, you'll be eligible for a $100 rebate on New User and Upgrade versions of NAIC Club Accounting version 2.

Visit our site for instructions. Then, send us your completed rebate form, and we'll show you the money!

For more information, please visit:

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