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April 19, 2002 -

NAIC releases new PERT/PMG add-on for Classic

NAIC Classic is the NAIC's official program for learning and using the Stock Selection Guide, a key piece of NAIC's system of fundamental analysis. Classic walks beginners through the SSG step-by-step to help them learn stock analysis at their own pace. When the user is ready to handle more power, Classic also offers an Experienced mode for advanced users.

We've now released a $29 add-on to Classic that makes portfolio management a breeze as well. NAIC Classic PERT/PMG is NAIC's latest educational software offering, developed to teach you the NAIC's copyrighted forms for the PMG Report, PMG Graphics, PERTA, PERTB, and the PERT Report. Classic PMG/PERT provides a carefully structured learning experience for the beginner, plus features an Experienced setting with less hand-holding and more options.

For more information or to purchase Classic ($59) or Classic PERT/PMG ($29), please call NAIC at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0 or check out the NAIC Store at the following URL:

Celebratory savings on stock screening & analysis products

To celebrate ICLUBcentral's recent acquisition of STB Investor Software, we're offering a special limited-time deal on a couple of our new products.


Step up to Stock Analyst PLUS, the most powerful NAIC tool for performing detailed studies of companies, and we'll throw in our popular Prospector II stock screening software (a $95 value) for free!* Approved by NAIC for performing SSG analysis, Stock Analyst PLUS is the best software for advanced stock and portfolio analysis, with unmatched balance sheet capabilities.

Users of NAIC's S&P Compustat datafiles can use Prospector II to easily identify companies with particular characteristics. Free upgrade to OPS-compatible version for Prospector II users who take advantage of this offer is coming soon!

To order Stock Analyst PLUS for $99 and receive Prospector II for free, just call NAIC toll-free at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0, or check out

* Offer valid only on purchases made between April 10, 2002, and May 31, 2002. Customers must register SA+ to receive free Prospector II software. Prospector II manual available by .pdf download.

New series: Club interviews (by Ann Schiff)

The Sugar River Seven Investment Club at 41 years & counting

In 1960, a stockbroker asked Bruce Timm of Brodhead, WI, "What would you do if someone left you $100,000?" Timm realized he couldn't answer the question, so he founded an investment club in order to learn.

Forty-two years later, the Sugar River Seven are still investing together. They've averaged a 12% annual return on their stocks, and have liquidated three times, each time to form a corporation and start a new business. The club's first liquidation, in 1965, was to buy a supper club. The second time, around 1970, the club started a mobile home court. Over a decade later, they again liquidated to buy a bowling alley, bar, and restaurant. Each time, they've sold the business at a profit.

What has kept them together? Timm emphasizes the importance of camaraderie between members, because "like apples, one bad member can spoil the bushel." They've had only one club fight in four decades, when two members quarreled over whether to turn down the volume on the Major League Baseball All Stars Game during a club meeting.

The club's philosophy is deceptively simple: "We win some and we lose some; the main thing is to win more than you lose." Given their name, it is ironic that a sugar company stock was one of the losers the club picked. They bought in shortly before Castro nationalized sugar production in Cuba...

Timm admits that research isn't the club's strong point. In the early days, they had a stockbroker who helped them find small stocks. Mostly, however, they tend to pick companies that manufacture products they use. Harley Davidson (HDI) was a big winner for the club and now accounts for a whopping 32% of their portfolio. Luby's Inc. (LUB), a restaurant chain popular in the South, is one of their latest such purchases.

The Sugar River Seven meet monthly, with the host responsible for the cheese plate and the beer. The club's initial rule was that the alcohol had to wait until after club decisions were all made. Then, a meeting ran too long, so someone said, "The hell with this, bring on the beer."

Club treasurer Doc Pawlisch, a retired veterinarian, has been managing the club's books since 1987. He began using the NAIC Club Accounting software when it first came out in 1990. This year, he upgraded to NCA 2 and ran the club taxes online. Now with several "snowbirds" (members who head south for the winter) in the club, they're using NAIC Online Club Accounting so that everyone can participate in checking stocks and voting, even during their winter jaunts to warmer climes. They'll sure miss the beer, though.

15 minutes of fame!! If your club has an interesting story to share, just write to, and we'll consider you for an interview and newsletter article.

Catch up to tax law before Upgrade discount expires

Remember to get current with tax law by upgrading to NAIC Club Accounting for Windows version 2 before June 30, 2002, when the $99 Upgrade discount expires. To purchase, see or call NAIC at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0.

Your club can upgrade to NCA 2 for free by opening a TD Waterhouse club account. For more information, please visit:

THIS WEEKEND: ICLUBcentral at Massachusetts Investors Fair

Come ask us questions and get a hands-on tutorial of our software products at the Massachusetts Investors Fair this Saturday, April 20, at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro, MA.

The annual Investors Fair is a premiere educational event for NAIC investors in and around Massachusetts. Featuring presentations and Q&A sessions with management representatives from several quality companies, the Fair will showcase an exhibit area with corporate and NAIC booths for a full range of information about specific companies, NAIC membership, investing principles, and investment clubs. Admission for the all-day program costs $45 and includes a continental breakfast and a lunch, plus a shot at a number of nifty door prizes.

For further details, please see:

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