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April 28, 2003 - ICLUBcentral News

ICLUBcentral Software News April 28, 2003


Classic Plus: One More Chance to Grab It at a Low Price

Nothing lasts forever, so – like the snow here in Cambridge, MA – your chance to take advantage of low introductory pricing on NAIC Classic Plus will soon melt away.

Until May 1 only, you can get all the features of NAIC Classic Plus for just $69 (or for just $29 if you’re upgrading from NAIC Classic).

Remember, NAIC Classic Plus is the only software that offers both the ease of a beginner’s program, with A-to-Z tutorials on NAIC investing, and a robust feature set so that you can keep using the program to pick stocks and manage your portfolio even after you’ve mastered the basics.

For more information or to order, please visit

Barb's Tips: Updating Companies in NAIC Classic Plus
by Barbara DalMaso, ICLUBcentral

If you subscribe to the NAIC Online Premium Service (OPS) you can enjoy the benefits of automatic data entry when studying companies. For more information about the NAIC OPS please call NAIC or visit their web site at

Updating companies (the ones you have previously studied) in NAIC Classic Plus is simple. Open NAIC Classic Plus and from the menu line select ‘File > Update / From SSG Datafiles’.

Extra Tip 1: To make the update window larger for better viewing, drag on a corner.

Extra Tip 2: Columns may also be expanded by dragging the vertical lines within the headers.

Here are the three steps to updating:

  1. Select companies to update. (Normally this would be all companies) Click the ‘Select All’ button at the bottom, or, in the ‘Update’ column click to select certain companies.
  2. Select SSG data source. If you have subscribed to the NAIC OPS, choose that source. If you have saved specific SSG data files on your computer, choose that source. Be sure that the path to the datafiles is correctly selected. If needed, the ‘Browse’ button will help you locate your files.
  3. Select the type of update you prefer. I like to use ‘Full Update’ because it ensures that all data is updated to reflect any restatements, stock splits, etc. This keeps the company data consistent.

Extra Tip 3: After updating, your task is to review each company. Note that updating does not alter judgment that you have set.

Quarterly Updating

For a quarterly update you will likely want to leave your judgments ‘as they are’. Look to see how the company’s quarterly results meet the targets that you have set. Assess the latest quarterly data in the Recent Quarterly Figures box of the SSG Graph. Compare these growth rates to your sales and EPS projections. Also note how the circles on the graph (representing the quarterly sales and EPS) measure up to your projection lines.

If the price has changed, you will see a new current PE valuation in Part 3(9) of the SSG. Provided all other company characteristics are acceptable, you may consider buying more shares if good value is obvious (if the current PE is the same as or lower than the average PE in Part 3(8)). In Part 4 note how the current price fits within the Buy, Hold, Sell zoning.

These quarterly growth and value characteristics may be observed in both the NAIC Classic Plus and the basic NAIC Classic program. In time, you may wish to explore the detailed historical trends for growth and value using NAIC Classic Plus. It offers the PMG (Portfolio Management Guide) reports for value tracking and the PERT (Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique) reports for tracking growth.

Yearly Updating

If you have added a new year of data, you may note that trend and projection lines appear shifted from the data. Your previously-set trend and projection lines are not moved during the updating. This allows you to assess your previous judgments before deciding to alter them. Adding new judgment is appropriate in light of the new data and new company information that you have researched.

All other previous judgment items are similarly preserved. In Part 3 you will see averages crossed out. The crossed out calculations are based on your new data. Again, your previously-set values are retained after a yearly update so that you may assess your previous judgments before deciding to accept any new values or make new judgments.

NAIC Classic Plus has made updating from NAIC’s Online Premium Service even slicker than the previous method. It’s a timesaver that takes you immediately into the ‘fun’ part of doing Stock Selection Guides - applying judgment.

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