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August 27, 2003 - ICLUB News

ICLUB News August 27, 2003


IAS Pricing Change
There's Still Time To Lock in the Old Rates

Having trounced the markets for nearly 30 years, the Investor Advisory Service has always delivered a lot of value to its subscribers. We recently surveyed our subscribers to find out just how much the service is really worth to them and were pleased by your responses. We've also compared our subscription prices with other investment newsletters and realize what a bargain the Service has become. So, we’ve decided to raise the subscription price of IAS to be more in line with other investment newsletters.

But despite this upcoming price raise, you can subscribe (and renew in future years) at current rates if you do so before Halloween. Just make sure not to let your subscription lapse!

Subscription details

A full subscription to the Service, which includes both the print and online editions plus email updates between issues, will rise from the current price of $139 to the new price of $399 after October 31, 2003. You can subscribe at $139 until that day.

An online subscription, which currently costs $115, will rise to $299 after October 31.

IAS will continue to feature stock advice and investing education from experts using NAIC methodologies. We can’t guarantee that the newsletter’s performance will continue to dramatically outperform the markets, but 30 years of success is a pretty darned good track record!

For more information on IAS, please visit

Barb's Tips: Using the Lock Feature in Prospector
by Barbara DalMaso, ICLUBcentral

The lock feature allows you to lock a specific column of data while scrolling and viewing other related data just like you would in a spreadsheet.

When your criteria and report items are set, run your query to show the results of your screening in the Company Grid. Normally, you scroll to the right of the grid to see additional data.

The lock feature lets you lock a column (typically the company name) so that all items can be viewed with the locked reference in place. Point the cursor to the column you wish to lock, and right-click to pop-up a menu of choices.

Left-click the mouse to select the item 'Lock leftmost columns up to ……'. This will set the gray color showing the locked area. Then you can scroll to view other items with the locked column(s) as reference.

To unlock this area, simply right-click on the grid and left-click to select ‘Unlock fields’.

Tax law changes: Is your club ready?

The recent Federal changes in tax law should lower taxes for your club members this year. They also mean that your NAIC Club Accounting software needs to be updated to reflect the new rules.

The single most important step your club can take right now is to make sure that your club accounting Support Agreement is current. A Support contract brings with it free updates to keep your club’s software in compliance with tax law. Clubs that have current Support contracts will have free access to the forthcoming software update to make the club accounting software compatible with the new tax laws. This update will also make their software compatible with the 2003 federal and state tax printers. Clubs that do not have this update will not be able to file taxes properly.

Please remember to double-check that your club’s Support Agreement is current. To renew, visit or just call NAIC toll-free at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0.

Should Your Club Have a Business Plan?
by Joe Pulizzi, ICLUBcentral

I was on the golf course the other day discussing investment club strategy with my friend Chuck. Both Chuck and I are original members in my investment club. We have done well so far, but we are always striving for better returns. Chuck owns his own business, and from that mentality, stated that our club should have a business plan.

At first I wasn't really sure what he meant. Business plan? Why would an investment club need a business plan? After a while, though, it made sense. Investment clubs are businesses, and should be run like businesses. All successful businesses have business plans.

Well, we do have a mission statement. Our mission statement contains the following goals.

To read the rest of the story, go to

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