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November 12, 2003 - ICLUB News

ICLUB News November 12, 2003


NAIC Unveils 2 New Official Software Tools

At the recent Better Investing National Convention in Norfolk, VA, two new official NAIC investing software products were announced: NAIC Take Stock and NAIC Stock Analyst.

NAIC Take Stock
A brand-new member of the NAIC Software family,
NAIC Take Stock was built especially for the investor new to Ė or intimidated by Ė NAICís investing methodologies. An all-in-one beginner's software package, NAIC Take Stock introduces investors to NAICís methodologies, using a graphical step-by-step process to teach the concepts behind the Stock Selection Guide (SSG). The program teaches how to make judgments on a stock and supplements the userís decisions with its own NAIC-style analysis. By teaching the concepts before the forms, Take Stock makes NAIC stock analysis easy for anyone to learn and apply.

NAIC Take Stock is bundled with one year of stock data, program updates, and support Ė an all-in-one package for the new NAIC investor for just $99. For more information on NAIC Take Stock or to download a demonstration version, please see To order the software, please visit or call NAIC at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0.

NAIC Stock Analyst
At the other end of the spectrum is NAIC Stock Analyst, a complete rewrite and upgrade to the old STB Stock Analyst Plus. This software is for experienced NAIC investors only: it is the most robust NAIC investing software to date and includes an unparalleled array of powerful features. Unique features range from analysis (for instance, the ability to assess balance sheets, cash flow, and annual reports) to graphics (such as a customizable trend graph with 26 financial metrics). And the product boasts a new, more intuitive interface, including a direct link into NAIC's Online Premium Services company data and the ability to view both the front and back of an SSG at once.

There is an introductory discount on NAIC Stock Analyst: you can buy it for just $149 until January 15, 2004. Users of Stock Analyst PLUS! v2.51 and NAIC Classic Plus can upgrade until Jan. 15 for just $75. For more information on NAIC Stock Analyst or to download a demonstration version, please see To order the software, please visit or call NAIC at 1-877-275-6242, ext 0.

Corporate News: ICLUBcentral Merges with InvestWare

Also at the Better Investing National Convention, ICLUBcentral announced that it recently agreed to merge with InvestWare Corp., best known as the makers of NAIC Investors Toolkit.

Both ICLUBcentral and InvestWare have provided software to NAIC members for over a decade, and their merger is expected to strengthen their ability to effectively serve these customers. Both teams remain actively involved in product development, education, and customer support. ICLUBcentral CEO Robert Brooker notes, "Each of our companies had its strengths and its weaknesses. We expect the merger to enable us to embrace the best aspects of each organization." In particular, InvestWare's expertise in software development and support will augment ICLUBcentral's focus on serving membership organizations.

A press release describing the merger is available at the ICLUBcentral website.

Club Checklist: Accounting Update Coming Soon

The new, tax-compatible release of NAIC Club Accounting is just around the corner, and itís only going to be available to those clubs with a current ICLUBcentral Support Agreement. This release, version 2.5 of NAIC Club Accounting, brings the software in compliance with the changes in tax law passed by Congress earlier this year. Without the update, your club accounting data will be inaccurate.

Make sure that youíre prepared to get the update by renewing your ICLUBcentral Support Agreement today. You may renew your Support Agreement online at or by calling NAIC toll-free at 1-877-275-6242, ext. 0.

IAS Offer Extended Due to Email Mishap

It has recently come to our attention that a large number of subscribers to ICLUB News did not receive the October 30 newsletter due to a problem at our Internet Service Provider. Among other items, this last newsletter announced the upcoming expiry of the special charter subscriber discount offer for the Investor Advisory Service.

In response to customer feedback about this issue, we have decided to extend this special offer by one month, until November 30, 2003.

Remember that IAS has a long history of successful stock tips which it offers while teaching NAIC investing methods. Written by NAIC investing experts Ralph Seger, Maury Elvekrog, Scott Horsburgh, and others, the Service has been trouncing the markets since 1973. The Hulbert Financial Digest indicates that IAS has outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 9% per year over the past five years.

For details, please visit

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