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July 14, 2004 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider July 14, 2004


Online Sale Ends Tomorrow!
Check Out The New Features in Toolkit 5!

July 15, 2004 is the last day to take advantage of the introductory discounts on NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5. If you've ever used a previous version of Toolkit and you're wondering about the benefits of upgrading to Toolkit 5, think about this -- Toolkit 5 takes the features you've come to rely on and makes them more powerful and much easier to use.

By now you've probably heard about Toolkit 5's ability to combine the stock-picking features cherished by NAIC investors with unprecedented portfolio management capabilities. Here are some additional features that are making Toolkit 5 the most popular version of Toolkit ever:

Navigation Aids

Toolkit 5 retains the basic functionality of Toolkit 4 and Toolkit 4 Pro while providing a more intuitive means of navigating throughout the program and more function-related ways to move from one task to another. The software boasts new NAIC forms navigation and a new, more functional Stock Library.

New "Home Page"

When you open the program, you are immediately prompted with items that need your attention. The "Requires Attention" box lists those tasks that relate to companies, portfolios, and the Stock Library. Such tasks result from conditions including price changes, data updates, and your personal judgment. The "What do I do now?" box streamlines the list of common tasks and helps you immediately perform the duties you wish to complete including stock selection, stock comparison and portfolio management.

Portfolio Report Card

This feature displays each portfolio with its aggregate Total Return, Upside Downside Ratio and Total Value at the current price. Toolkit 5 displays the data in red when Defensive or Offensive Portfolio Management tasks are required.

Enhanced note support

Text notes accompanying your stock studies are now more prominent and intuitively useful. In addition to the traditional notes field, Toolkit 5 provides a separate screen to enable the user to enter the company description.

Enhanced import for online services

The Web interface has been further enhanced as it relates to data download and other online services, including importing multiple companies, enhanced company updates, and improved labeling to assist with mixing data from various sources.

Smart Challenge

Selecting a company to be challenged invokes the "Smart Challenge" screen. This displays all of the companies in the Stock Library that have been evaluated, ranked in order of potential return, with the challenged stock highlighted. The display includes the industries and the data necessary to determine whether a stock with better return is of equal or better quality.

Miscellaneous features

The new Toolkit is a treasure trove of small, new features that make stock analysis easier and more convenient. Many are former "rogue keys" that have been introduced as "Easter Eggs" or undocumented features included at the request of one or another user but not necessarily meant for the mainstream. Those that have enjoyed significant popularity are now included in the program.

Special Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Toolkit 5 is packed with features that thousands of NAIC investors have already taken advantage of. The special online sale ends this week on Thursday July 15, 2004. NAIC members who own Toolkit 4 Pro may upgrade to Toolkit 5 for just $75, and owners of Toolkit 4, NAIC Classic, or NAIC Classic Plus may upgrade for $99. And new users can purchase Toolkit 5 for just $149 until July 15.

Get the software that so many NAIC investors have already taken advantage of -- order your copy of NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5 online before the sale ends!

Order today at:

NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5:
Moving Your Toolkit 4 Database to Toolkit 5
by Dan Abraham
Customer Support Manager, ICLUBcentral Inc.

Users who upgrade to NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5 from version 4 don't have to worry about losing all of your old Stock Selection Guides and portfolio data. You can easily import your Toolkit 4 data into the new version of the program just by following these simple steps.

  1. Open Toolkit 5 by double-clicking on the Toolkit 5 icon on your desktop.
  2. Go to Options > Database Utilities.
  3. Choose "Copy another Toolkit Database into the current Toolkit Folder." A box will open asking you to locate the old Toolkit Library.
  4. Navigate to the Toolkit 4 folder and select the file TK.MDB or simply TK. By default this will be in C:\Program Files\Toolkit4.
  5. After clicking on this file, click Open. Toolkit 5 will start to import the information from your Toolkit 4 program.

You're done! Now you can go to your Stock Library and review your stocks using the power of NAIC Investors Toolkit.

For more frequently asked questions about installing and using NAIC Investors Toolkit 5, please visit:

NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5:
Changing Default Price and Data Update Triggers
by Douglas Gerlach
VP of NAIC Products, ICLUBcentral Inc.

The new "Home Page" in NAIC Investors Toolkit 5 provides convenient reminders to let you know when it's time to update the prices and data of the stocks in your database. The text in the "Requires Attention" box will change color to red (from gray) when the data for some of your companies is getting old. By default, the "Update Prices" alert will signal if the prices of any stocks in your library are older than seven days old. The "Update Data" alert is triggered when a company's quarterly data is older than 45 days or its annual data is older than 90 days. When the text is highlighted, simply click on it to start the online update process.

The triggers for these alerts are customizable, however. If you routinely update the prices of your portfolio once a month before a club meeting instead of once a week, for instance, you can change the number of days so that you don't have to be reminded to update prices every time you use the software in between monthly meetings. And even though companies don't have to report their quarterly earnings to the SEC until 45 days past the end of the quarter, some companies do report early, so you might wish to set the monthly triggers at 30 days or some other number.

To reset the trigger points, click "Preferences" on the Toolkit 5 toolbar, and then click the "Thresholds" tab. Enter new values in the Data Triggers section to reflect your preferences, and then click the OK button.

Now, whenever you view the Home Page, the Update Prices and Update Data alerts will be triggered according to the new values you entered.

For more information on the powerful new features of NAIC Investors Toolkit 5, please visit:

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