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October 1, 2004 -
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ICLUB Insider October 1, 2004


New NAIC Investing Software Support Plan is Here!
by Robert Brooker
CEO, ICLUBcentral Inc.

When ICLUBcentral merged with Investware last year, we were excited about adding NAIC Investor's Toolkit and NAIC Take Stock to the line of investing software already offered by ICLUBcentral. With the addition of these two products, investors can shop for the program that best suits their needs in one place, whether they're beginners or experienced at NAIC style stock analysis.

We were also intrigued by Investware's "Investor's Toolkit Extended Service Agreement." For an annual fee, subscribers received all published updates to the software, access to help by phone and online, and a subscription to the Complete Roster of Quality Companies. Software companies like ours are always challenged to come up with new, cost-effective ways of providing customer support and updates to users, and Investware's solution seemed to offer one way of helping us to reach our goals in that department. And so we set about investigating how we might remodel the Toolkit service agreement to work with the rest of ICLUBcentral's investing software.

Our first thought was to "not mess with a good thing," and simply offer a similar support plan for each of our investing software programs. But then we decided that maybe there was a way that we could make a good thing better, and I think we've found the answer.

Instead of offering separate support agreements for each software program, we've designed a new software support plan that includes four of ICLUBcentral's investing programs:

  • NAIC Stock Analyst
  • NAIC Investor's Toolkit
  • NAIC Classic Plus
  • NAIC Stock Prospector

If you own one, two or even all four of these programs (and we know that there are some committed NAIC investors out there who do use multiple programs to find and analyze stocks for their portfolios), the new NAIC Investing Software Support and Maintenance Agreement covers them all.

(We also know that "NAIC Investing Software Support and Maintenance Agreement" is somewhat cumbersome to say, so around here we've taken to calling it "Investing Support." Feel free to do the same.)

Once you subscribe to Investing Support, you'll have full and easy access to online and telephone support for help with your software products (and we're continuing to expand and enhance the support available at to give you even more resources to resolve your questions).

You'll also receive a CD with the latest versions of all included programs so that you can be sure that you've got all applicable updates installed for the software that you presently own (as well as demos for products that you don't already use). Then, throughout the year, we will provide you with additional software updates for download as they're released for each program.

We're also continuing to offer the Complete Roster of Quality Companies at no additional charge with each Investing Support subscription. This monthly stock screen was designed by Ellis Traub, and includes every company in NAICís OPS database that displays critical indicators of growth and efficiency ó qualities that you're looking for as a long-term investor. As an Investing Support subscriber, you'll receive the Complete Roster each month by e-mail.

And here's perhaps the best part. Even though we've expanded the terrific Toolkit support plan to include four software programs, AND added a CD that includes the latest releases of all four programs, AND are providing support from trained specialists like Irving Roth for all your software questions, AND are sending the Complete Roster of Quality Companies each month with new ideas for your portfolio, we're able to offer the new NAIC Investing Software Support and Maintenance Agreement at absolutely no increase in price.

Have I started to sound like one of those late-night infomercials? I guess it's hard not to be excited when I talk about the benefits of our new Investing Support plan. You can check out the complete list of features and services included in the plan for yourself (as well as subscribe for one, two or three years) by calling 617-661-2582 or visiting

I wish you much success in your investing, and hope that NAIC Software is useful in identifying and analyzing quality stocks for your portfolio.

Software for Treasurers of Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Homeowner Associations

The Community Associations Institute (CAI), America's leading advocate group for residential community associations, recently announced the launch of CAI Treasurer, a new accounting software program developed specially for self-managed condominiums, homeowner associations, and cooperatives. Developed by ICLUBcentral and now available for purchase, the software was built to help smaller, self-managed associations manage their books with minimum effort and maximum speed and accuracy.

What NAIC Club Accounting does for investment clubs, the new CAI Treasurer does for community associations. It can:

  • Help associations keep accurate books.
  • Build and analyze a budget.
  • Invoice unit owners and track dues, late fees, and payment histories.
  • Comply with legal requirements.
  • Create 25 GAAP-compliant financial reports instantly for your board, bank, or insurer.

CAI Treasurer also comes with information and resources from the award-winning Community Associations Institute on how to handle problems facing self-managed associations.

CAI member community associations may purchase CAI Treasurer for just $239. Order by calling CAI at 703-548-8600, or online at

For more information about CAI Treasurer, please visit

When Should I (or My Club) Sell a Stock?
by Douglas Gerlach
VP of NAIC Products, ICLUBcentral Inc.

Knowing when to buy or sell the stocks in your portfolio is often a difficult decision, whether it's your club or personal portfolio. Here are some guidelines that might help you out when you're faced with the daunting decision about whether or not to sell a stock you own.

In no particular order, you should consider selling a stock in your portfolio whenever any of the following conditions exist:

  • You need the cash. Sure, you're saving and investing for the long-term, but if a need arises and you need cash today (perhaps for college tuition for your kids, or to buy a home, or to pay off a debt), consider tapping into your portfolio to raise the funds.
  • You have found a better potential investment, either with a higher level of quality or with a better projected total return. Selling a stock to upgrade your overall portfolio is usually a smart choice. Just be careful to consider the effect of any applicable capital gains taxes and commissions in your decision to replace a stock.
  • You need to rebalance your portfolio, either by size of company or industry. NAIC suggests that investors maintain a balance of small, mid-sized and large companies in their portfolios, along with stocks from many different industries. Investors who followed this guidance and didn't let technology stocks become overweighted in their portfolios didn't see as much damage to their portfolios in the tech crash back at the turn of the century.
  • The stock is vastly overvalued. Many NAIC pundits recommend that stocks be sold if their current P/E ratios are much higher than their historical average P/E ratios, specifically if the stock's relative value is 150% or higher. These stocks typically don't have much of an upside, but plenty of downside.
  • There is an adverse management change, such as the departure of a dynamic CEO or founder of the company, particularly if those individuals were driving forces behind the company's success. When these kinds of changes occur, a company's past history may not tell you much about the company's future.
  • The company is facing declining profit margins, perhaps from increased competition, in three to five consecutive quarters. Looking at the PERT, you can identify stocks that are experiencing degradation in their profitability and thus are good candidates for selling.
  • If a stock has significantly declined in price from the time of purchase, you may want to sell it in order to take a tax loss and thus offset any other capital gains that you have incurred in your taxable portfolio. You can always consider repurchasing the stock in 31 days (to avoid having the loss be wiped out by the wash sale rule).
  • If you have a member withdrawing from your club, considering selling a stock that you're holding at a loss in order to raise cash to pay off the member. Again, you can consider repurchasing that stock in 31 days if you believe it has long-term merit. Remember, though, never to sell a stock that you're holding at a gain in order to pay off a departing club member -- in this case you should transfer the appreciated stock to the member so that the club can defer recording capital gains on the shares.

ICLUBcentral software programs such as NAIC Investor's Toolkit, NAIC Stock Analyst and NAIC Classic Plus are packed with tools that can help you make informed decisions about selling stocks from your portfolio -- with PERT worksheets and graphs, and the NAIC Challenge Tree or stock challenger applets.

For more information on any of ICLUBcentral's programs to help you manage your portfolio, please visit

In the next ICLUB Insider: "When NOT to Sell a Stock."

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