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June 10, 2005 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider June 10, 2005


Last Chance to Purchase Stock Prospector for Just $59

Ever get the feeling that there just aren't any stocks worth adding to your portfolio? Instead of trying to interpret the "noise" coming out of the mouths of talking heads on your television set, why not try a more refined method of uncovering interesting stocks for study? Stock Prospector lets you use sophisticated stock screening techniques to eliminate unworthy companies from consideration, freeing you to focus on the important elements of research and analysis on a short list of individual companies and industries.

Until June 30, 2005, BetterInvesting members can purchase Stock Prospector at the special price of just $59 a copy! After that date, the price will return to $99, so this is your last chance to add another tool to your investing toolbox at its lowest price ever!

Stock Prospector works with BetterInvesting's Online Premium Services datafiles, providing a database of more than 7,000 companies from which you can build a screen to identify stocks that meet your personal criteria. Once you've whittled down those 7,000 stocks to a manageable few, move on to research those companies that look most interesting.

If you're new to stock screening, the software simplifies the process by allowing you to choose from a list of pre-defined criteria. Several of these use BetterInvesting-suggested guidelines to help you find high quality growth companies. Just select the chosen criteria set and the software generates a list of those stocks that fit the bill.

Once you've found a few companies that warrant further research, open them in Investor's Toolkit, Classic Plus or Stock Analyst and complete your investigation. With Stock Prospector, you can maximize your time and effort at focusing on a handful of stocks that meet your minimum guidelines for purchase, and then find the best of the lot to add to your portfolio.

Put the full power of your Online Premium Services today with Stock Prospector at the limited-time price of just $59. To download a free demo version or get more information, please visit

The Future of Club Accounting Is Here!
Club Accounting 3 to Be Announced at CompuFest 2005

In addition to all the other excitement that you'll find at CompuFest 2005 this June 17-19 in Buffalo, NY, you'll also get a first look at the biggest improvement ever for club accouting -- Club Accounting 3 for Windows.

Club Accounting 3 is brand spanking new, reworked from the ground up to give club treasurers more power at their fingertips than ever. From Wizards that help you to help you navigate the most common tasks to an attractive (yet intuitive) interface, Club Accounting 3 makes the job of club treasurer easier than ever. Say goodbye to the audit function -- it's now automatic and incorporated into each Club Accounting 3 transaction entry. And you'll never miss another important update to the program -- as long as your Club Accounting Maintenance subscription is current, the program will download all necessary updates automatically!

With version 3 you get all the rich accounting and support functionality you expect, with these additional features:

  • New XP theme-based user interface
  • Time saving Wizards that walk you through common tasks - like monthly meetings or closing your books for the year
  • Reconcile accounts feature
  • Context-sensitive help -- just hit F1 anywhere in the program
  • New accounting engine to complete match NAIC Online Club Accounting
  • Automatic audit with each transaction
  • Built in auto-updater to receive the latest patches
  • Verify your support status instantly
  • Instant online prices for valuation
  • Instant stock ticker quotes to evaluate any company
  • Import from NCA 2 or NOCA
  • Export reports to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Print mailing labels for members

For a limited time, BetterInvesting members who use NAIC Club Accounting 2 can upgrade to Club Accounting 3 at a special price of just $99. But don't delay -- this price won't be available forever!

Streamline your club operations with Club Accounting 3 today! For more information on Club Accounting 3, or to download a demo version and check out the new features of Club Accounting 3 for yourself, please visit

Attention NAIC Online Club Accounting Users:
Back Up Your Data!

One big advantage of Club Accounting Online (NOCA) is that you don't have to worry about losing your data if your hard drive crashes, or if your computer is stolen or destroyed by fire. Our NOCA web server maintains regular backups of all club data in a safe and secure environment.

However, one thing that NOCA can't protect you from completely is making mistakes in entering data. The good news is that there is a utility that you can use to help protect yourself from the cascade of problems that can come after misentering a complicated transaction -- the Backup Manager.

NOCA's Backup Manager couldn't be any easier to use -- just click a button and you can save your entire data set to a single backup file. And you can have as many backups as you like (within reason, of course) stored in your account, ready to help you restore your data in just a few moments.

Club Treasurers should use the Backup Manager just before they enter one those "tricky" transactions, like a company spinoff or member withdrawal. That way, if you make a mistake, you can just recover your data from the backup instead of trying to undo all the transactions that you've entered. You should also create a new backup at least every couple of months -- that way, in the event of a disaster, you won't have to enter more than a month or two's worth of data.

To use the Backup Manager, click the red Accounting tab, then select "Backup Manager" in the Utilities section on the left side of the screen.

Then, click the "Make Backup" button at the bottom of the screen to create a new backup file. This process may take several seconds, particular if you have many years of data, so please click the button only once and be patient.

Once your backup has been created, the screen will refresh and you'll see it listed at the bottom of the list of all prior backups. Each backup is listed with a "Recover" button, and here's where you can reload the data from a backup file that you've created. Just click the button to replace your current books with the backup. This will erase all the club data in your existing account and overwrite it with the data in the backup file.

WARNING: If you accidentally click a Recover button by mistake, you will not be able to undo the transaction without recovering a different backup file! Before you start exploring the Backup Manager in depth, please start by making a current backup.

For more information on Club Accounting Online, please visit

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