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July 15, 2005 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider July 15, 2005


Calling all Clubs:
Great New Discounts on Toolkit and Classic Plus

Savvy investment clubs know that using the Stock Selection Guide is the key to successful investing. And now clubs can obtain copies of two great software programs that make the task of analyzing stocks using the SSG -- Investor's Toolkit 5 and Classic Plus -- at their lowest prices ever!

For absolute beginners, there's Classic Plus. Classic Plus is a full-featured program that provides all the BetterInvesting-approved forms: the Stock Selection Guide, Stock Comparison Guide (SCG), Portfolio Management Guide (PMG), and Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique (PERT). Mastering all these forms is almost as hard as keeping track of the acronyms, but Classic Plus handles the job with the help of the Stock Wiz. The Stock Wiz walks you through all the forms, starting with the basics and covering all areas from entering data to adding judgment.

If you're no longer a complete investing neophyte, then Investor's Toolkit 5 can provide you with complete tools for the SSG, Comparison Guide, PERT and PMG, as well a brand new set of portfolio management features. Once you check out Investor's Toolkit's ease of use, you'll know why Toolkit is the most popular software program used by BetterInvesting and investment club members -- ever.

Remember, both Investor's Toolkit and Classic Plus can use BetterInvesting's Online Premium Services to instantly download historical and current data for more than 7,000 companies and updates to companies you're already following. This optional subscription is just $25 a year and streamlines the task of collecting data for the SSG.

And here's the best part. Until October 31, 2005, clubs can purchase multiple copies of either Investor's Toolkit or Classic Plus at an unbeatable discount. The price per copy is $99 for Toolkit 5, a whopping $70 savings off the BetterInvesting member price of $169. For Classic Plus, the cost is $59, a savings of $20 off the $79 BI member price. (Because these prices are so low, restrictions apply, so see the order page for details before you place your order.)

At your next club meeting, be sure to let your fellow members know about this opportunity. Then, when you're ready to order, you can visit the BetterInvesting store, or call them at 1-877-275-6242 for more information or to place an order over the phone. As soon as your order is processed and shipped, your club will receive complete new-user versions of your selected program for each member who ordered it -- exactly the same packages that are sent to individuals who purchase the program at full price!

For more information on the software programs, or to download free demo versions, visit the products' respective info pages on our site:

The BetterInvesting store has important details on the offer, as well.

Announcing a New User Group for Stock Analyst Users

Owners of Stock Analyst now have a new home of their own on the Internet! ICLUBcentral has launched a new email discussion list just for users of the Stock Analyst program. The Stock Analyst Users Group is an email discussion list where SA owners can trade tips, discuss the features of the program and learn about little known options in the software.

There are dozens and dozens of features in Stock Analyst that go into making it the most powerful program available for BetterInvesting members to study the fundamentals of a company. The next step towards mastering all those features is to join the new list and really start making the most of your investment software!

It's completely free to participate on the list. You can get instructions for subscribing to either the regular or digest version of the list at the Stock Analyst Users Group page on our site. We'll see you on the list!

Toolkit 4 Upgrade Offer Extended

If you're still using Investor's Toolkit version 4, you've now got one more chance to upgrade to the powerful new features of Toolkit 5 at a reduced price. That's one more chance to ensure that your software will continue to work with Online Premium Services in the future, and one more chance to bring your software up to date with the latest and greatest features that have made Investor's Toolkit the most popular software used by BetterInvesting members.

Investor's Toolkit 5 features a whole new set of portfolio management tools that make it easier than ever to identify stocks that are exhibiting early warning signals of impending problems. And Toolkit 5 now includes the ability to share SSG files with users of Stock Analyst and Classic Plus using the SDF file formats, convenient for emailing and trading completed SSGs with users of those programs. Also, please note that technical support for version 4 ended on June 30, 2005.

There are so many more features that are included in Toolkit 5 that we could go on and on and on -- but we'll stop here! Don't you owe it to your portfolio's success to upgrade and put Toolkit 5 to work?

Upgrade today! You don't want to miss this opportunity

Congratulations to Ira Smilovitz!

At CompuFest 2005 in Buffalo, NY, the BetterInvesting Computer Group Advisory Board awarded its Kenfield-Burris Online Service Award to an individual whose name is familiar to many club treasurers -- Ira Smilovitz!

Each year, the Computer Group identifies one individual who has made significant contributions to the BetterInvesting community using the electronic medium, and awards this individual the Kenfield-Burris Award. The award is named for Dick Kenfield and Wen Burris, two volunteer pioneers who gave much to help educate investors in the earliest days of BetterInvesting's online community. Each year since 1998, the award has acknowledged the most deserving of these online educators to honor the memory of Dick and Wen. Now, Ira Smilovitz joins the list of illustrious recipients.

As many club treasurers know from the Club-Treasurers-List and the BetterInvesting forum on CompuServe, Ira Smilovitz knows club accounting inside and out. A club treasurer himself, he's also worked as a tax preparer and bookkeeper -- giving him even more insight into the problems that treasurers often face. But it's his winning manner online and his generous willingness to help any treasurer who has problems that makes all the difference.

Ira and his wife were able to travel to Buffalo to receive the Kenfield-Burris Award in person, giving CompuFest attendees the chance to finally put a face to the name. All of us at ICLUBcentral extend our heartiest, heartfelt congratulations to Ira for receiving this well-deserved honor!

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