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September 8 2005 -
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ICLUB Insider September 8, 2005


Investing Support Subscribers:
Update Your Stock Analyst 3

Calling all Investing Support subscribers! An update to Stock Analyst 3 is now available. Among the many new features and enhancements available in Stock Analyst version 3.2 are:

  • Will warn if a price update for more than 200 stocks is attempted
  • Correctly downloads book value from OPS
  • Saves stock split information properly
  • Fixes run-time error 440 in the quarterly data tab after adding new year and data
  • Correctly displays purchase price in portfolio diversification screen
  • Features an improved auto-updater
  • Imports and exports *.SDF files that are compatible with Toolkit 5.1.2
  • Eliminates "script out of range" errors when tiling windows and opening SSG Analysis screens
  • Refreshes data on the PERT report when the right-click "Refresh Data" option is selected
  • Allows entry of additional figures in the quaterly data revenue field to support large companies
  • Provides a "New ...." item at the top of each section in the list panel to allow quick creation of a new company, portfolio or comparison
  • Warns on overwriting data if "Save As..." is selected
  • Displays new splash and about screens
  • Supports opening of companies from the command line or other applications such as Portfolio Record Keeper)
  • and much more!

If you already have a valid subscription to Investing Software Maintenance, you should have received a special email with quick and simple instructions for downloading the update.

If you're not currently an Investing Maintenance subscriber, sign up today to receive the Stock Analyst 3.2 update, as well as updates to any other investment software programs you own that are made by ICLUBcentral Inc. In addition, Investing Maintenance subscribers also receive the Complete Roster of Quality Companies, a monthly list of top-rated stock ideas for your portfolio; monthly Investment Comments from the Investor Advisory Service; and access to ICLUBcentral's technical support to resolve any issues you might experience with your software.

This update is only available to users of Stock Analyst 3. If you use Stock Analyst Plus version 2, you must purchase an upgrade to version 3 in order to take advantage of the powerful new features included in this edition. A special upgrade price is available for a limited time; visit for more information.

To learn more about Stock Analyst 3.2, our most advanced program for analyzing stocks using BetterInvesting's methodologies, please visit

To subscribe to the Investing Software Maintenance program, please visit

Club Accounting 3
Automating Common and Complex Tasks to Make the Treasurer's Job Easier

Over the years, we've heard plenty of suggestions from club treasurers on how to improve club accounting software. We speak to you at conventions and investor's fairs, you call us on our Technical Support line, you send us letters, and you all have ideas on how the software can be better. Club Accounting 3 is the direct result of the requests that you and your fellow Treasurers have made over the years. Some of the things that you told us include the following:

  • You wanted the software automated to handle more of the work.
  • You wanted the next Treasurer to have an easier time running the club.
  • You wanted no-hassle reports, exported as PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, and Excel spreadsheets.

Club Accounting 3 provides all these functions -- and more!

To give you a glimpse of some of the outstanding new features in the program, let's give you a few examples about how we've automated many of the tasks that made the job complicated in teh past.

First, consider the audit function.

The old way: in NAIC Club Accounting 2, you had to run an audit after any transaction that affected the value of units. The audit ran through the history of the club and made sure that the number of units was correct for each member and that the unit value reflected any changes you had made. If you forgot to run the audit before you printed your reports, you had to go back and run them again.

The new way: With Club Accounting 3, say goodbye to the Audit function. Now, each transaction is automatically audited when you enter it.

Next, let's consider updating your software -- vital when there are changes to tax laws that affect partnership accounting.

The old way: NAIC Club Accounting 2 required you to download large, cumbersome updates. Dial-up users spent up to an hour downloading files. And if you didn't pay attention to the emails alerting you that a patch was ready, you missed a vital update.

The new way: Club Accounting 3 has a built-in auto-updater that lets you know when important program patches are ready to be downloaded and installed. Patches are smaller, usually less than a megabyte in size. The alert is built into the software, so you can't miss an update. As long as you keep your maintenance current, you've got the latest version.

Finally, let's look at changing stocks and members from active to inactive status.

The old way: NAIC Club Accounting 2 listed stocks and members as active or inactive. If you removed a member from the club or completely sold a stock, they were marked inactive. However, if that withdrawal was in error or that stock was sold by mistake, you had to not only remove the transaction, you had to go back to the member or stock profile and mark it active again. Some Treasurers, not knowing about the settings, created duplicate stocks or members to get the names back.

The new way: Club Accounting 3 has one standard for activity - if the club holds any shares of the stock or the member has any units in the club, they are active. If you withdraw a member by accident and delete the withdrawal, that member is automatically active again, no extra steps required.

Tax time is coming quickly, so now's the perfect time to upgrade to Club Accounting 3 and get familiar with the program before you need to start preparing your club's annual tax filings. And you'll still qualify for special upgrade pricing of $99 if you order Club Accounting 3 today!

Investment Clubs Like Home Improvement

What's in your investment club portfolio?

If your club is like many others, chances are good that you own shares of home improvement retailer Home Depot (HD). According to ICLUBcentral's recently released list of most widely held stocks of our Club Accounting Online service, Home Depot is the most popular company in club portfolios. A total of 40.2% of clubs held shares as of September 1, 2005.

Following close behind Home Depot is pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (PFE), owned by 39.3% of clubs. General Electric Co. (GE), Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) and Harley-Davidson Inc. (HDI) round out the top five stocks in the monthly list. Each of these five companies appeared in the August 2005 list, as well.

Each month, ICLUBcentral publishes the list of most widely-held stocks by investment clubs, providing insight into club investing strategies. Large-company stocks dominate the top of the list, as might be expected, but one small company is increasingly popular among clubs: Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) is #25 on the list of popular stocks for the month.

To learn more about the top holdings of investment clubs for September 2005, including all ten of the most popular stocks ranked by the amount invested and number of shares owned by clubs, please visit

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