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October 14, 2005 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider October 14, 2005


Club Treasurers:
Prepare for Tax Time NOW!

Sure, it's only October, but now's the time for smart club treasurers to start thinking about and preparing for tax time. And the first item on your checklist should be to upgrade your accounting software to Club Accounting 3. The new program makes it easier than ever to close your club's books, as well as to prepare your club's required tax filings. Plus, if you upgrade before December 31, 2005, you can lock in the special upgrade price of $99 before it expires!

One new feature in Club Accounting 3 that will save you time and effort at tax time is the Year-End Wizard that will walk you through closing your books for the year. Access the wizard from the Tools menu and follow the steps to ensure that you haven't forgotten any important tasks or transactions.

This year, the Club Tax Printers (both Federal and State) will be fully integrated with your copy of Club Accounting 3, putting them both just a click away on the Club Accounting 3 menu. The Tax Printer programs for Club Accounting 3 will also incorporate the automatic update capability to easily download final forms when they're available from the IRS and state agencies. The auto-update function means that the Tax Printers for Club Accounting 3 will be available for purchase this year in November using draft forms, giving you a head start on preparing your club's tax filings. When final forms are available, the CA3 Tax Printers will update automatically, letting you print final forms. (The Federal Club Tax Printer for NAIC Club Accounting 2 won't be available until final forms are released, usually in late January.)

Upgrading now will also give you time to make sure that all of your club's past transactions are imported properly into the new version before year-end. Club Accounting 3's robust accounting engine is highly accurate and handles some complex transactions better than NCA 2, and we recommend that you upgrade now to ensure that your historical data has all been entered properly.

Finally, you'll save big by upgrading sooner rather than later. Users of NAIC Club Accounting 2 are eligible to upgrade to Club Accounting 3 before December 31, 2005, at a special low price of just $99 for BetterInvesting® members (or $149 for non-members). Your purchase includes one year of Club Accounting Maintenance (a $49 value, which is added to your current Maintenance subscription), one year of Club Accounting Online (another $49 value) and a printed manual. After December 31st, the upgrade price will go up to $124 for BI members.

But don't delay -- start using Club Accounting 3, and you'll be well-prepared when the end-of-year tax season rolls around this December! Order today (or download a free demo version) by visiting, or by calling ICLUBcentral at 1-617-661-2582.

Last Chance for Club Members to Buy Toolkit or Classic

Hundreds of investment club members from across the country have responded to our special offer of great discounts on purchases of Investor's Toolkit 5 and Classic Plus -- but time is running out to take advantage of the lowest prices ever on these two programs!

Until October 31, 2005, clubs can purchase five or more copies of Investor's Toolkit 5 for just $99 (a whopping $70 savings off the BetterInvesting member price of $169) or $59 for Classic Plus (a savings of $20 off the $79 BI member price). Because these prices are so low, restrictions apply, so see the order page for details before you place your order.

Both Investor's Toolkit and Classic Plus can use BetterInvesting's Standard & Poor's Stock Data Service (formerly Online Premium Services) to instantly download historical and current data for more than 7,000 companies and updates to companies you're already following. This optional subscription is just $25 a year for club members and streamlines the task of collecting data for the SSG.

Be sure to let your fellow members know about this opportunity and order before October 31. To order, visit the BetterInvesting store, or call them at 1-877-275-6242 for more information or to place an order over the phone. As soon as your order is processed and shipped, your club will receive complete new-user versions of your selected program for each member who ordered it -- exactly the same packages that are sent to individuals who purchase the program at full price!

For more information on the software programs, or to download free demo versions, visit the products' respective info pages on

Announcing Club Accounting Online at

We've recently relaunched Club Accounting Online with a new web address, and a little bit of "freshening up" to the front door of the site. Following NAIC's change to its new identity, BetterInvesting™, the official name of our online club web site, "NAIC Online Club Accounting," and domain name,, just weren't appropriate any more.

After much creative thinking, we've come up with a brand new domain name that better reflects the private, personalized tools that are available on the web site. And we're pleased to announce the new name and address of the world's most popular web site for investment club accounting, operations, communications, planning and file sharing.

Introducing Club Accounting Online at

Effective September 9, 2005, Club Accounting Online will be available at a brand new domain name -- From now on, whenever you want to visit your club's web site, you should use this new address:

There are two things that you can do right now to facilitate this change:

  1. Bookmark in your web browser right now! Then, use that address to access your club's private web site in the future.

  2. Remove any old bookmarks that point to from your web browser. (This domain will continue to work for the immediate future, but will eventually be discontinued.)

    To add a bookmark, go to

    Then, in Internet Explorer: Select FAVORITES > ADD TO FAVORITES.

We're not done improving Club Accounting Online at, either. Soon, we'll be releasing a brand new manual just for treasurers and users of the service, available in both downloadable and printed versions.

Thanks for using Club Accounting Online at!

We Need Your Ideas!

ICLUBcentral is currently making plans for 2006, and we need your help! To guide us in laying out our efforts for improving our line of investment software programs, we want to hear from our users. What features would make our software even better? What functions should be added to make the task of analyzing stocks and managing a portfolio even easier? No suggestion is too trivial or too big for us to consider, so don't be shy in telling us what you'd like to see!

Send your comments by email to While we will read every message that we receive, you won't receive a personalized response from your message (unless we need further clarification). This email address shouldn't be used to report any problems you might currently be experiencing, either -- please use the Technical Support inquiry form in the Support area of our web site to properly get your issue logged with our staff.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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