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June 15, 2006 -
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ICLUB Insider June 15, 2006


New Club Accounting Support Section on
by Daniel R. Abraham, Director of Technical Support

Does your club own XTO Energy Inc (XTO)? If they do, you probably have a statement about the Hugoton Royalty Trust (HGT) "spinoff." Rip West, ICLUBcentral's resident accountant, says this is no simple spinoff. This is a taxable transaction. Make sure you have entered the transaction correctly in Club Accounting! Read his instructions at:

Other than lost passwords, our most common questions are about unusual stock transactions. While the majority of mergers, stock splits, and spin-offs follow the same pattern, one little change can make the difference between a few minutes of work and a few hours of research. We want to save you the work and the headache, so check our site first for the proper procedure. When a customer asks us about an unusual transaction that's not in our library, our accountant researches the problem, then we post how to enter it into the software.

Not sure if your transaction is by-the-book? Read our article, "How to Recognize an Unusual Transaction." While there is no single guide that can give you a definitive answer on how to treat every type of transaction, we are committed to helping our customers handle the strange and unusual. If it's on the list, you can bet that it's not your typical transaction. If you're not sure, ask Technical Support!

Upgrade to Club Accounting 3 Before it's Too Late

It's been a year since Club Accounting 3 was released, and time is running out for users of NAIC Club Accounting 2 to upgrade at a reduced price. Until June 30, 2006, BetterInvesting members who use NAIC Club Accounting 2 may upgrade to CA 3 for just $124 - a $45 savings! Act now, because starting in July, the only way to upgrade will be to purchase a full copy for $169.

With a new theme-based friendly user interface, Club Accounting 3 helps you understand your club finances, print reports, share graphs of club performance with other club members, and prepare club taxes in accordance with federal tax law. New features in CA 3 include wizards to walk you through common tasks, context-sensitive help, a "reconcile accounts" feature, automatic audit functions, an integrated auto-updater & support verification, and much more. There will be no federal tax printers for NAIC Club Accounting 2 for the 2006 tax year, so by upgrading today, you'll make sure that your software is ready to prepare your club's 2006 tax returns. And support for NAIC Club Accounting 2 will end completely on October 16, 2006, so don't wait until it's too late!

Your upgrade purchase also includes a printed manual, along with one full year of Club Accounting Maintenance (a $49 value) that includes all updates to the program when they are released.

A free demo copy and more information is available on the ICLUBcentral web site. Upgrade to the power of Club Accounting 3 today!

Per Ostman Joins ICLUBcentral

We're pleased to welcome Per Ostman as ICLUBcentral's new Marketing Manager. Per is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where he was an award-winning columnist for the Cornell Daily Sun and a varsity letterman for the Big Red rowing team. His past work experience includes stints with the communications/public relations departments at Harley- Davidson and the WNBA's Washington Mystics.

At ICLUBcentral, Per will be responsible for leading our publicity and marketing campaigns, and will be taking over as editor of the ICLUB Insider newsletter. We're happy to have Per and his many talents on board with the team at ICLUBcentral!

Join ICLUBcentral at CompuFest 2006

Come visit with members of the ICLUBcentral team at the BetterInvesting CompuFest 2006 -- "the Only Sure Thing in Reno." This year's event will be held at the Reno Hilton from June 23rd to the 25th. We'll be making several presentations and workshops each day, including ICLUBcentral President Douglas Gerlach's introductory class that covers our entire suite of software, Ellis Traub's class on "Demystifying Judgment" and Irving Roth's "Using Investor's Toolkit 5 to Analyze Stocks."

Dan Abraham, ICLUBcentral's Director of Technical Support, will join ICLUBcentral Resident CPA Rip West in the computer lab for the duration of the event, so don't hesitate to come say hello, ask questions, or get a hands-on look at any of ICLUBcentral's software programs.

CompuFest will offer a host of seminars designed to help expand your investing strategy and improve your overall financial acumen, whether you're an experienced investor or a brand-new club treasurer. Offerings include the Newbie track for neophyte investors, the Family Youth Program for young investors, and state-of-the art intermediate and advanced seminars that discuss stock research, analysis, screening, portfolio management, investment club accounting and personal record keeping.

Attendees consistently rank CompuFest as one of the best-run and highest-quality investment education events they've ever attended. The ICLUBcentral team hopes to see you there!

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