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October 4, 2006 -
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ICLUB Insider October 4, 2006


Meet ICLUBcentral in Anaheim

ICLUBcentral and the Investor Advisory Service will be exhibitors at AARP's Life@50+ National Event & Expo in Anaheim, California on October 26-28, 2006.

Ruby Dee, Connie Chung, Carl Reiner, Ken Burns, Dan Rather, Terry Bradshaw and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams will be among the speakers and entertainers at this year's event at the Anaheim Convention Center.

More than 20,000 attendees are expected at this year's event, and hundreds of exhibitors will be promoting their products, showcasing their services and sharing your messages about ways to enhance your life and increase your knowledge of a myriad of topics.

The entrance fee is just $15 for AARP members and $27.50 for non-members. Get more information or register online.

Be sure to stop by the ICLUBcentral booth in Anaheim to meet our team, learn about all of our tools and software for investors, get news of special offers and sign up for prizes!

We look forward to meeting you in Anaheim!

Stock Analyst 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 Updates Released

ICLUBcentral is pleased to announce the simultaneous release of Stock Analyst 3.2.1 and 3.2.2, available as downloads though the Stock Analyst auto-updater.

Three major improvements have been made in version 3.2.1 of Stock Analyst. Here's what's new:

  • The "Save As" command now allows you to save multiple versions of your data
  • Your yearly data no longer shifts when updating from OPS
  • An updated sample database is included with new installations
  • The PDF formatted user's manual has been completely revised and updated

Version 3.2.2 is a small update, and fixes a error which caused the version number to display incorrectly in the Help menu. After running the auto-updater, select Help from the menu, then About Stock Analyst. Your version number is displayed on this screen, which should be 3.2.2 after updating.

To update version 3.2 of Stock Analyst to version 3.2.2, you may use the auto-updater that is built into the program. To launch the auto-updater, first make sure that you're connected to the Internet, and then select Help from the menu, then Check for Updates. The auto-updater will start and automatically download and install the both 3.2.1 and 3.2.2. Just follow the instructions as they are presented on your screen. (The update files are quite large, so be patient if you're connected to the Internet using a dial-up connection.)

See the complete list of features and changes, or view the readme.doc file installed in the program's folder after the update is installed.

Want to learn how to streamline your analysis? Purchase an newly-updated Stock Analyst Manual from the ICLUB Store. It's the perfect compliment to the 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 functionality.

If you have any problems accessing or installing the version 3.2.1 & 3.2.2 updates, please contact Customer Support.

ICLUBcentral Welcomes More New Faces

That new voice you hear on the tech support line belongs to John Strickland. John joins the ICLUBcentral team after successful stints in the technical support departments at both Vista Higher Learning and Symantec. After leading his team to victory in the National High School Chess Championship, he spent two years at the University of Oregon before leaving to pursue employment.

John also has the distinction of having supported himself for an entire year solely through online poker. Since his hiring, Vegas has laid down 5-2 odds that the entire ICLUBcentral staff will slowly disintegrate into degenerate gamblers.

Rounding out our engineering department is Sally An, our new software engineer. Sally is originally from China, but has lived in Boston for six years, the first four of which were spent studying computer science at Tufts University.

Sally worked for Livedata for nine months before joining us here in Cambridge. She enjoys playing tennis, and when she's not in the office you can probably find her walking along one of her favorite footpaths around the Charles River.

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