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December 13, 2006 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider December 13, 2006


Download Your 2006 Federal Tax Printers Now

As Johnny Mathis is often heard crooning during the holiday season, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" We're pretty sure that he's not celebrating ICLUBcentral's Club Tax Printers, but that's no reason why you can't -- especially now that the 2006 Club Tax Printers for Club Accounting 3.1 have been officially released for download!

If you have already pre-ordered the Club Accounting 3.1 Tax Printers, you may now download the draft form software directly from the ICLUB web site. In order to complete the installation of the program, you must use the serial number provided to you in your purchase confirmation email.

(Note: if you've pre-ordered the Tax Printer on CD, we're happy to report that they're going to the factory now and are expected to ship before the end of the year.)

If you use Club Accounting Online, please continue to stand by. The Club Accounting Online Tax Printer will appear on the Taxes tab at your club's website when it's ready for use.

If you haven't purchased your Tax Printers yet, what are you waiting for? Learn how to save $30 off the standard price and buy your club's Tax Printers today!

Remember: the Tax Printer software you download today will still use "Draft" forms -- until final forms are released by the IRS and the various state tax agencies, all Tax Printers will only generate these preliminary forms. They cannot be used to prepare your final returns; any forms submitted using draft forms will be rejected by the IRS or state agency.

Final forms may not be available until February 2007 (and perhaps later in some instances). ICLUBcentral makes every effort to release final forms as soon as possible; the release of draft forms allows you to ensure that your software installation is successful and that your data has been entered properly prior to generation of final forms. (This is just one more reason why you should order your Club Tax Printers early!)

When final forms are released, ICLUBcentral will release updates to the Club Tax Printer software that will be delivered to your computer via the auto-updater functionality that is built into the programs. As long as you are connected to the Internet (and your firewall allows the Club Tax Printer to communicate with the ICLUBcentral web site), the update will be downloaded and installed automatically for you.

How Do I Close My Books?
by Daniel R. Abraham, Director of Technical Support

Strictly speaking, "closing the books" is a misnomer. You don't have to put everything on hold while you finish out last year's transactions. You can continue to record next year's transactions while finishing this year's transactions in preparation for filing the partnership tax return.

A few warnings and reminders to start:

  • If you are still using Club Accounting versions 1 or 2, you must move to Club Accounting 3.1 (CA 3.1) or Club Accounting Online (CAO) to run your taxes.
  • Do not enter ANY transactions on 12/31 except the valuation. No deposits, no sales...nothing. If the broker or bank say the transaction is on the 31st, move it to the 30th in the software.
  • If you can't make it on time, you can ask the IRS for an extension. Visit for more information. The partnership return is due on April 15th.
  • Want to know how Club Accounting determines how to fill out the form? Check our support page.

You will not be able to finish processing the year's transactions until...(Continue reading at

What Do You Buy For the Investor Who Has Everything?

For that special investor on your list, ICLUBcentral has the perfect holiday gift. For the past 30 years, ICLUBcentral's Investor Advisory Service newsletter has been consistently outperforming the market, to the tune of a 13.7% annual return (compared to the 8.9% return of the Wilshire 5000 as tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest). 13.7%? That's a lot of holiday cheer, eh?

What makes the IAS so different is its reliance on its own independent, unbiased stock analysis and research. Free from the conflicts of interest that plague Wall Street, the IAS seeks out undiscovered values in the stock market and delivers them to subscribers.

Each issue of the Investor Advisory Service includes three recommended stocks (accompanied by .SSG worksheets), with in-depth coverage of the companies' business operations as well as analyses of their prospects for future growth. An IAS subscription also includes news and updates on all of the past recommended stocks, sale recommendations when necessary, email alerts, symbol sorts of financial indicators, and general market news.

Our analysts (each one a Certified Financial Analyst from the Seger-Elvekrog money management firm) pick apart each company they recommend with a fine-toothed comb, searching for the qualities that make a stock a suitable investment for subscribers. Each IAS pick is chosen on the basis of two essential factors: a solid record of generating long-term earnings growth, and a price that will deliver above-average returns in the future.

Plus, as a special offer during Tax Season, we're offering the Investor Advisory Service to you for hundreds off the listed price! Just enter the promotional code "TAXTIME" during sign-up. Save $100 on a yearly online subscription, and save even more if you order printed issues -- think of it as our little gift to you.

This holiday season, give the gift of investing know-how. Subscribe to the Investor Advisory Service, and get the edge you need to beat Wall Street.

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