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April 11, 2007 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider April 11, 2007

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Last Week of Tax Season -- Have You Filed Your Club's Returns?

The Final Forms for ICLUBcentral's 2006 State Club Tax Printers have been released, and are available for both Club Accounting 3.1 and Club Accounting Online for all 11 supported States: AZ, CA, CO, GA, MA, MD, MN, MO, NJ, NY, and PA. These Final Forms have been officially approved by the State tax agencies, and can be used to prepare and submit your club's State tax returns.

Final Forms for the Federal Tax Printer software were approved by the IRS and released on January 30. Final Forms for AZ, CA, GA, MA, MD, MN and MO were released on February 12. Final Forms for CO and NY were released on March 1. Final Forms for NJ were released on March 9. Final Forms for PA were released on March 14.

These and many other States require investment clubs to submit returns, and the penalties for failing to file are steep. If you or your treasurer have not already purchased your club's State (or Federal) Tax Printer software, visit the ICLUB Store today.

Tax Printer software can be purchased as either a download or as a pressed CD -- now shipping.

Club Accounting Online Tax Printers will be accessible under the Taxes tab on your website following purchase.

For help with ICLUBcentral's Club Accounting products, contact our Support team. (Be sure to mark any email support requests as "Tax Printer" related, so we can help you through any tax issues as quickly as possible.)

IRS Extends Tax Deadline

The IRS has extended the deadline for filing Federal tax returns by two days -- instead of the usual April 15 deadline, your Federal filings (both for individual and investment club) are now due on April 17.

April 15 falls on a Sunday this year. Monday, April 16, is Emancipation Day and is an official holiday for the IRS offices in Washington, DC. (It's also Patriot's Day here in Boston. Woo! The Boston Marathon! Early Red Sox game! Woo!)

However, the schedule for State returns has been left to the discretion of the individual State agencies, and not all states have complied with the IRS's scheduling change. Your individual and investment club filings for your State may still be due on April 15.

For more information and a listing of amended State tax schedules, please visit the IRS website or contact the IRS.

Become a Beta Tester!

Let your voices be heard! Join the new ICLUBbeta Teams and help influence the design and operation of future ICLUB software. We have a number of exciting changes and additions planned for our products, and you can provide the valuable feedback we need to make our products even better.

Our past beta tests have been very productive and we appreciate our customers' time and effort in helping us develop new software programs for the fundamental investor. If you would be willing to provide usage and opinion related feedback in exchange for free software and/or services, send us an email and join the ICLUBbeta Team.

In your reply, please let us know which of our programs you are already using, how long you have been using them for, and which products you are interested in beta testing. Feel free to sign up to test products you haven't used in the past -- you can join our Club Accounting product team, our Investing product team, or both!

Join ICLUBbeta today!

Cincinnati Investing Event

On Saturday, April 21, the OKI Tri-State BetterInvesting Chapter is holding a P&G Analysis program at the P&G Headquarters Building (2 Procter & Gamble Place) in Downtown Cincinnati. This two-part seminar will focus both on an .SSG analysis of Procter & Gamble and an in-depth evaluation of its latest annual report.

Hurry -- you must register by April 19. Email Ruth Peace for more details, including cost and driving directions.

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