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November 30, 2007 - ICLUBinsider Newsletter

In This Issue:

New State Tax Printers Available -- Pre-Order Now!

The Federal and State Tax Printer software for 2007 is now available for pre-order from the ICLUB Store.

This year, ICLUB is proud to introduce two new State Tax Printers -- Iowa and Wisconsin! ICLUBcentral offers Tax Printer software for more states (13) than any other investment club accounting software developer.

If your club uses Club Accounting 3 or keeps its books online at (the accounting software used by the majority of U.S. investment clubs), you can quickly and accurately complete your club's partnership tax forms -- and print K-1 forms for your members -- by using ICLUB's Club Tax Printers.

The Federal and State Tax Printer software retails for $89.99 (a fraction of the cost of a professional tax preparation service), but many discounts are available -- Special Pricing Ends 12/31/07!!!

Get a jump on Tax Season and pre-order your Tax Printers today!

For Tax Printer questions or concerns, contact the ICLUB Support Team.

Join the Club!
by Amy Rauch Neilson

Amy Rauch Neilson is a free-lance writer and editor who has specialized in writing about the stock market and investing basics for beginners for nearly two decades. An avid investor and former member of the Kix Investment Club, Amy lives in Belleville, Michigan with her husband and two-year-old son. Her "Join the Club!" column will be featured regularly in the ICLUBinsider.

The P/E Ratio: Getting the Most Bang for Your Investment Buck

I was shopping online at one of my favorite stores a few weeks ago when I came across a winter coat for my two-year-old son that I fell in love with. It was gray camouflage and insulated in every way, shape, and form that I could think of. Padded here, extra lining there - and a chin guard to boot. I loved everything about it - except for the price. It was a great jacket with a price tag that was, well, a bit over the top. So, I waited. I checked back the following week. Same great winter coat, same high price. No go. Then, over the weekend, I checked again. Same great jacket - but this time, at a much better price. In fact, the price had been slashed by about 40 percent.

Now they had me. There isn't too much I love more than picking out toys and clothing for my son. I may be wearing ratty old, faded jeans circa 1997, but my kid, now that's a different story. And, as we're an outdoorsy family living in a part of the country where the arctic chill begins sometime around mid-November and can last well into April, it's not so far off the mark to spend a bit of the green stuff to make sure we've got ourselves covered - literally - all winter long.

Great Coat. Great Deal.
So, with a click of my mouse, I bought the coat. I not only got it at the sale price - but, with a special promotional code I'd received in the mail, I knocked another $10 off. Great coat. Great deal. And when I see my son wearing it this winter as he's sledding full-tilt down a run at our neighbor's house that's been tagged The Eliminator, you might see me cringe, but it won't have anything to do with the price of his coat. I don't have to hit you over the head with the bottom line here. You get it. I got a great winter coat at a great deal. So, what does this have to do with you and your investment club? Everything.


New "Club Hub" Education Page

Tax Season is always a hectic time of year for investment club treasurers, especially if they're new to the job.

To help ease the burden of running an investment club, we've revamped our "Club Hub" pages at www.iclub/com/clubs to make it easier for you and your fellow members to start your club off on the right foot, and manage and maintain your club throughout the yearly cycle.

You'll find sample partnership agreements, examples of bylaws and operating procedures, and answers to important questions, like how to prepare for your annual audit and whether or not your club should have a business plan.

Check out the new Club Hub and keep your club healthy and successful!

November 30, 2007

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