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January 10, 2008 -

In This Issue:

Club Tax Printers Now Shipping

ICLUBcentral has released the DRAFT Forms for the 2007 Federal Club Tax Printer software for both Club Accounting 3.1 and myICLUB.

Club Accounting 3.1 Tax Printers can be purchased as either an online download or as a pressed CD -- now shipping. If you pre-ordered a download for Club Accounting 3.1, you can download your software here.

Tax Printers for myICLUB will be accessible under the Taxes tab on your website following purchase.

Purchase or Download

Learn how to purchase your Tax Printers at a heavily discounted price -- Special Pricing Extended!

ICLUBcentral has also released DRAFT Forms for the 2007 State Club Tax Printer software for Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania, available via download and shipped CD. Forms for California, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin will be available at a later date.

Remember: the Tax Printer software you purchase or download today will still use "DRAFT" forms -- until FINAL forms are released by the IRS and the various state tax agencies, all Tax Printers will only generate these preliminary forms.

Stay tuned to future issues of the ICLUBinsider and the homepage for updates on FINAL form availability.

For Tax Printer questions or concerns, contact the ICLUB Support Team.

Join the Club!
by Amy Rauch Neilson

Amy Rauch Neilson is a free-lance writer and editor who has specialized in writing about the stock market and investing basics for beginners for nearly two decades. An avid investor and former member of the Kix Investment Club, Amy lives in Belleville, Michigan with her husband and two-year-old son. Her "Join the Club!" column will be featured regularly in the ICLUBinsider.

Finding Great Companies in the Most Likely of Places

When you scanned the headline to this column, did you have to stop and take a second look, just to make sure you'd read what you'd thought you had? Instead of "Finding Great Companies in the Most Likely of Places", did you perhaps expect to read "Finding Great Companies in the Most Unlikely of Places?" If you did, you're not alone. Most investors -- novice and seasoned alike -- are under the impression that in order to find the next Microsoft, Wal-Mart, or McDonald's, you will have to resort to some rather unsavory means, such as:

  • Sneaking yourself into a meeting of the top investment analysts at Standard & Poor's
  • Getting yourself invited to be part of a foursome -- flanked by three successful and very wealthy investors -- on the golf course of the local country club
  • Shamelessly eavesdropping on every conversation within range, with the hopes of gleaning a "hot stock tip"

Not so. In fact, I've got some good news and some bad news on this front. The good news is actually great news -- you're more likely to find the next hot stock by following your teenagers around the mall or looking at the products and services you use every day in a new light than via any of the above-mentioned methods. The bad news (and it's really not so bad, after all) is that there are so many great companies out there that you're going to have to work hard to narrow the field and choose the ones that are the best match for your club's philosophy and goals. Good thing you're not in this alone.


New "Club Hub" Education Page

Tax Season is always a hectic time of year for investment club treasurers, especially if they're new to the job.

To help ease the burden of running an investment club, we've revamped our "Club Hub" pages at www.iclub/com/clubs to make it easier for you and your fellow members to start your club off on the right foot, and manage and maintain your club throughout the yearly cycle.

You'll find sample partnership agreements, examples of bylaws and operating procedures, and answers to important questions, like how to prepare for your annual audit and whether or not your club should have a business plan.

Check out the new Club Hub and keep your club healthy and successful!

January 10, 2008

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