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May 27, 2008 -

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By Amy Rauch Neilson

So, let's be honest. For some of you, right up there on your Top 10 list of the experiences you hope to avoid in life -- say, public speaking and a close encounter with a tarantula -- is the job of club treasurer. You never know. You might get lucky. While some clubs rotate the position so that every member has the opportunity to serve (a method that has a lot of plusses), other clubs have a member who so loves the job that you'd have to wrestle it away from him or her. It's the luck of the draw, really.

Even if you somehow manage to escape serving as your club's treasurer, there's still plenty you should know about what a club's treasurer should -- and should not -- be doing. Despite the adage, there's truly nothing blissful about ignorance.

In Parts I and II, club accounting expert Gene Rooks shared her Top 10 expert tips for terrific club treasurers. In the remaining columns, experts Herb Barnett, Ira Smilovitz and Rip West will share their thoughts on what every club member should know about the office of the treasurer, tax law changes and high-risk investments, and the proper procedures for member withdrawals.

Herb is currently the co-treasurer of three investment clubs and, along with Joe Craig and Doug Gerlach, was the co-founder of the original BetterInvesting, Inc. website. He is a frequent speaker at BI chapter and national events. Herb currently serves as one of ICLUBcentral's volunteer club accounting advisers and is a member of the beta test team for Club Accounting 3 and In this third installment of the series, he shares his insights on why partners can never really be equal as well as the insidious nature of transaction costs.

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Over the previous ten years, the IAS earned 10.5%, handily outperforming both the 6.3% return of the DJ Wilshire 5000 Index and the 5.9% return of the S&P 500.

The Investor Advisory Service has provided investors with highly-focused stock picks since its inception in 1973. Learn more about the Investor Advisory Service.

May 27, 2008

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