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June 6, 2008 -

In This Issue:

Announcing a New Strategic Alliance with BetterInvesting

We are happy to announce a multi-year Strategic Alliance Agreement to jointly market selected ICLUBcentral products to BetterInvesting members, nationwide. We will also work closely together with BetterInvesting in a number of other capacities.

BetterInvesting renewed its endorsement of several ICLUBcentral products, including Club Accounting (formerly known as NAIC Club Accounting), Investor's Toolkit Version 5, Stock Analyst, Stock Prospector, and NAIC Classic Plus. The Strategic Alliance Agreement calls for review of additional ICLUBcentral products for endorsement in the future.

BetterInvesting will actively promote the ICLUBcentral tools to its members using a variety of marketing channels, including the BetterInvesting member website. In addition, a program has been designed for ICLUBcentral to actively support BetterInvesting chapters.

"It is an important part of our mission to provide the best possible investing tools to our members," commented Bonnie Reyes, President of BetterInvesting. "This agreement with ICLUBcentral effectively supports that goal."

For the full text of the press release, please see the BetterInvesting or ICLUBcentral web sites.

"Join the Club!"

By Amy Rauch Neilson

Ira Smilovitz, treasurer of the Paramus, New Jersey-based Lakshmi Investments, LLC since 1999, tells the story about the members of an investment club who implicitly trusted their treasurer. In fact, they had such faith in their treasurer that they didn't take a close look at their club's records for a decade. You read that right -- ten years! At which time, Ira received a call from one of the members with a request: the club was having trouble reconciling its records and needed

Ira responded to the club's S.O.S. and was taken aback by what he found as he made his way through a decade of the club's transactions. The records had been kept as a combination of a notebook filled with handwritten notes and software entries. The treasurer had recorded credit for each member's monthly dues -- whether or not the member had actually made a contribution -- and some of the deposits were made in cash, rather than by check.

As if that weren't enough, after completing the task of reconciling a decade's worth of records, Ira found that the club's books showed a $3,000 discrepancy with the bank -- the club thought it had three grand more than the bank's records showed. Further review revealed every club's worst nightmare. "It turned out that the club's treasurer had embezzled some of the club's money," Ira says. "There were no records for the withdrawals and, when confronted, the club treasurer admitted to 'borrowing' the money, but insisted that it had been paid back. Yet, there weren't any records that the money had ever been returned."


Update to Take Stock

In June 2008, ICLUBcentral released another update to our Take Stock software program. Please follow the instructions below to download and install the update to your current software program.

This update provides a number of minor fixes to how analyst estimates are handled in making EPS projections, and more fully reconciles the programs so that results from the desktop software will match results calculated in the online version of Take Stock at StockCentral.

To update your program properly, you first must determine which version of Take Stock you own, and follow the instructions accordingly. (Note: the online version of Take Stock at is not affected by this update.)

ICLUB Take Stock (also called Investware Take Stock)

  • The program icon simply reads "Take Stock"
  • Under the "Navigational Map" on the left side, the choices read "Form Front" and "Form Back"
  • If you are a user of ICLUB Take Stock, Download and save the ICLUBcentral Take Stock 4.1.4 update to your desktop (4.1 mb). Then, run this updater program.
  • Confirm your update by starting Take Stock, then select HELP > ABOUT from the gray bar at the top-left. For ICLUBcentral Take Stock, you should now be at version 4.1.4.

BetterInvesting Take Stock (also called NAIC Take Stock)

  • The icon reads "NAIC Take Stock"
  • Under "Navigational Map" on the left side, the choices are "SSG Front" and "SSG Back"
  • If you are a user of BetterInvesting Take Stock, Download and save the BetterInvesting Take Stock 4.1.6 update to your desktop (4.3 mb). Then, run this updater program.
  • Confirm your update by starting Take Stock, then select HELP > ABOUT from the gray bar at the top-left. For BetterInvesting Take Stock, you should now be at version 4.1.6.

Update to Stock Analyst 3

An update has been released for the Stock Analyst 3 software program. The new version is 3.2.5, and can be automatically installed from the auto-updater in the program.

To check what version you are using, and to install the update from within the program, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the HELP pull down menu
  2. Click ABOUT STOCK ANALYST. Your version will be listed.
  3. You must be running 3.1.0 to download and install the update. To update:
  4. Select the HELP pull down menu
  6. Follow the instructions to download and install the update.

Note: If you are running version 3.0 or 3.0.1 of the program, you must download and install a full copy of version 3.2 (20 mb). You should backup your database from the OPTIONS menu prior to installing the update, and then restore your database if necessary after installing the new version. You do not typically need to uninstall version 3.0 or 3.0.1 before installing the update.

This update allows users to choose between the BetterInvesting Stock Data Service or the StockCentral datafile subscriptions to automatically download and update their company data.

For Further Assistance

If you need assistance with either of these updates, please visit the support pages at, or contact ICLUBcentral Customer Support.

June 6, 2008

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