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July 10, 2008 -

In This Issue:

InvestEd Notebook Computer Sale

Dell Vostro 1500 high-end notebook computers are for sale to the general public as well as InvestEd attendees at our cost of $1,050 including tax.

InvestEd management purchases notebook computers to use for 3 days at the InvestEd conference. The warranty begins on Sunday, August 10, when you pick up your computer at the end of InvestEd or we ship the computer to you. Shipping is only $30.

Details about the computer configuration and delivery information are on the InvestEd website.

Email Jerry Addleman at immediately to reserve your computer. We have 11 computers to sell on a first-come, first-served basis. Jerry will send you an email confirming your reservation and give you information on where to send your check.

Questions? Contact Pam Wright, InvestEd Conference Manager.

Join the Club!

By Amy Rauch Neilson

If you have a good thing going, then twice as much of a good thing can only be that much better, right? As with most of life, it's more complex than that.

You already know our stand on investment clubs - there are pros, pros, and more pros to starting a club and/or being a club member (and yes, we admit, we're just a tad biased). That said, if an investment club is a good thing, does that mean that the merging of two investment clubs is even better? Can two clubs merge and of so, how?


The Never-Ending Quest for Quality

As a long-term, buy-and-hold investor, you know the importance of identifying companies that are growing faster than their peers. And you understand that buying stocks when their share prices are cheap is a smarter way to invest.

However, there's another important attribute that you need to consider -- quality. Experience shows that companies of high quality are the ones that persevere and deliver more consistent returns to investors. Throughout the history of the stock market, through both bull and bear markets, quality companies can mean the difference between "make" and "break" to your portfolio.

Unlike the various methods that investors can use to measure growth (such as determining how fast are EPS and Revenues are growing), or value (how the current P/E ratio compares to the historical average P/E ratio), quality can be a bit harder to measure.

That is, until now.

Using StockCentral's proprietary Take Stock Quality Rating, you can instantly identify the overall quality of a company's management using a simple 1 to 10 scale, freeing you to focus on companies with only the most desirable quality ratings to strengthen your portfolio.

It's easy to discover the Quality Rating of any company on Subscribers can simply log in to the web site, click the Tools tab, then select Take Stock. Enter a ticker symbol, and the Quality Rating is calculated instantly!

Here's another shortcut that will help focus on quality companies, as well. Every week, the Stock Screener is updated with current data on all public companies -- including the Quality Rating. To find the highest rated stocks, log in to the web site, click the Tools tab, then select the Stock Screener. At the Quality Rating item, use the drop-down box to select the Minimum criteria of "Desirable". Click the "Find Stocks" button to run your search.

At the results screen, click the Quality Rating column label to sort the stocks with the highest-ranked stocks first. Now you can carry out your normal stock study process on these companies that appear at the top of the list, confident that these are the best of the best!

For the week of July 7, 2008, there were seven companies that rated 10.0 out of 10.0 for quality:

  • Two companies from the biotechnology sector that both trade on the NYSE -- one a large, fairly well-known company (but not Amgen!), and the other a promising small upstart.
  • Four companies from software and information services sectors -- two mid-sized, international NASDAQ-listed information technology firms that are benefiting from the trend towards outsourcing, and two small companies that offer specialized financial analysis.
  • A small consumer finance company that's rapidly expanding across the U.S.

Load any of these companies into Investor's Toolkit 5 (or another SSG software) and you'll see why their stocks are so highly rated. For example, here's the stock of our financial research service company:

Earnings and revenues have been increasing at an appropriate pace for this company, as you can see in the above graph. Profit margins also stable, as well. The Quality Rating of 10.0 is a sure sign that this company is an excellent starting point for further review by smarter investors.

For the cost of a single year of StockCentral, $39.99, all it takes is for one of these stocks to deliver above-average performance in your portfolio for you to earn back your subscription cost many times over.

Which of these six companies will deliver outsized returns to investors over the next five years? Only subscribers will know for sure! Sign up for your free, no-obligation 45-day today! If you've already had a trial, convert to a full subscription using your existing user name and password.

July 10, 2008

We're ICLUBcentral Inc.
From our World Headquarters in the historic College House building in the heart of Cambridge's Harvard Square, we develop high-quality software products and web services for individual fundamental investors, and powerful accounting tools used by the majority of US investment clubs.

Hot Tip:
Are you looking to do a quick analysis of a stock? Simply plug the ticker symbol into the online Take Stock and receive and instant overview of the company's quality, mood indicator, and buy price. These factors are based on a conservative buy and hold stock approach.

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