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November 06, 2008 -

In This Issue:

Pre-Order your Federal and State Tax Printers

It's that time of year again -- ICLUBcentral's Club Tax Printers for 2008 are available for pre-order. The Club Tax Printers make it a snap to prepare your club's required IRS filings -- all from within your club accounting software. Hiring an accountant or tax preparer to complete your forms would cost hundreds of dollars, so there's no easier or quicker way to prepare your required tax filings than by using ICLUBcentral's Club Tax Printers.

As always, ICLUBcentral Club Tax Printers will be available for both federal and several state returns. For 2008, we're pleased to offer software for Indiana for the first time joining Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New York as states supported by ICLUBcentral's State Club Tax Printers.

Because it's only November, all Tax Printer programs can only produce draft forms, which cannot be used to file with the IRS or your state agency. However, the software features an auto-updater, which will automatically download and install the final forms after they are approved by the IRS. Then, you can quickly print the final tax documents for your club. Read more about draft and final forms.

So, why buy your Tax Printer software now? Because you'll receive special early bird pricing by ordering before December 31, 2008. So if you're a treasurer, get approval at your next club meeting to pre-order your club's Tax Printers, and stay tuned to your email inbox and the ICLUBcentral homepage for 2008 Tax Printer updates.

Pre-order today online or over the phone at (877) 33-ICLUB or (617) 661-2582.

Join the Club!

By Amy Rauch Neilson

Consider this scenario: A prospective new member attended your investment club’s September meeting. (For the sake of this column, let’s call her Connie.) Connie was quite enthusiastic about the investment club format and seemed to be a good fit for the club. She made a favorable initial impression on the club’s members and everyone agreed that they were looking forward to learning more about her at the next meeting.

Then, just a couple of weeks after the meeting, the stock market began to move up and down like a yo-yo, dropping hundreds of points one day, only to recover and close hundreds of points higher the next. Reporters became obsessed with quoting the percentage points the market was down – then up – then down again. Politicians began throwing the “D” word around while lamenting that our country was on the brink of a total financial collapse.

Last week, in the middle of all of the financial and political chaos going on in our country, your club met again. Connie was befuddled, to put it mildly. How did the club view the stock market -- and investing -- in such a crazy, uncertain time? she asked.

What answer would you give her?


Free Upcoming Webinars

Have a hunger for knowledge? Join ICLUBcentral's finest for free upcoming webinars with topics ranging from "Preparing for Club Tax Season" and "Improving your Portfolio with Investor Advisory Service." Join us to learn the best practices for both your club and individual investing strategies.

November 6, 2008

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11/25: Webinar: Introduction to Investing using Toolkit 6

12/6: Club Accounting Workshop, Philadelphia Area, PA; Doug Gerlach, Instructor.

12/9: Webinar: Integrating Toolkit 6 with StockCentral

12/23: Webinar: Preparing for Club Tax Season

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