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December 19, 2008 -

In This Issue:

Club Tax Printer Update

ICLUBcentral is pleased to announce that downloads for the Federal and State Club Tax Printers for Club Accounting 3.1 are available! If you purchased your tax printer on CD, they are currently being produced and will be shipped out prior to December 31, 2008, arriving to you early January.

In addition, the Federal Club Tax Printer for Club Accounting Online at are now available! (The State Club Tax Printers will be releases shortly.)

If you have not yet purchased your ICLUBcentral Federal and State Tax Printers Order Today! Special pricing on tax printers ends on December 31, 2008. Learn how to save $30 and purchase your Club Tax Printers for only $59.99 each!

Remember: ICLUBcentral is the only provider of investment club accounting tools whose replacement state tax forms are approved by each state for which we provide them! As a member of the National Association of Computerized Tax Processors, we work with each of the 14 states for which we offer the Club State Tax Printer to ensure that your club's filings are accepted without delay.

One final note: to fully prepare your club for Tax Season, don't miss the Preparing for Club Tax Season webinar on Tuesday, December 23, 2008, at 9:00 PM ET.

Join the Club!
by Amy Rauch Neilson

Amid the chatter of the ongoing economic crisis our country is facing, I've heard mention of a "silver lining" among the dark clouds. Slivers of optimism have been peeking out in the form of lower gas prices and enticing bargains for consumers this holiday season. It may not seem like much consolation for the severe economic downturn that we're facing -- but it's a little something to hang onto.

There's also a silver lining for investment clubs in tough times -- in the form of strategies that long-term, fundamental investors can implement during a recession and bear market.

Focus on the Company -- Not the Stock Price
You've heard the chant before: Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. Only this time, it's even louder. "It's very important for investors to realize that a drop in share price is not the same as a bad investment," says Ira Smilovitz, treasurer of the Paramus, New Jersey-based Lakshmi Investments, LLC since 1999. "Focus on the company -- not the stock price."

Herb Barnett, who is currently the co-treasurer of three investment clubs and one of ICLUBcentral's volunteer club accounting advisers, agrees. "Now's the time to re-emphasize education in the fundamentals, especially as they relate to the higher growth rates and P/Es we saw for a while, in comparison to what we see now," he says. "Were we lulled into buying the idea that high growth rates and high P/Es were the new norm, and that the SSG was too conservative to be useful?"


Savings Ending on Toolkit 6 Upgrades

Don't miss the special savings on upgrades to Toolkit 6 which are set to expire on 12/31/08. Purchase your upgrade of Toolkit 6 from Toolkit 5 today for only $109.99, a savings of $70 off of the retail price. StockCentral subscribers, receive an additional savings of $10 for a total of $80 in savings! These prices will end as the year 2008 ends so act swiftly!

Exciting New Pricing Plans for StockCentral

ICLUBcentral is pleased to announce new multi-year pricing plans for subscriptions. Purchase or renew your subscription today for one, two, or three years! Not only will you receive a savings for purchasing a longer subscription, but you could eliminate worrying about your subscription expiring until 2011! Lock in these great rates before the New Year!

Upcoming Holiday Schedule

Ah, the wonder that is the Internet! This year, thanks to web-based support tools and the kindness of our company President, we will be able to spend the holidays at home with our loved ones and still provide you the timely support and help you've come to expect.

We'll be switching from the phones to all-email service starting Monday, December 22nd to Wednesday, December 24th, then we'll be closed on Thursday, December 25th and Friday the 26th for the holidays.

We've brought on extra staff from around the country to help, so be sure to welcome back Adrienne and other familiar faces! Just click "Continue to Support Requests" to submit a request.

December 19, 2008

We're ICLUBcentral Inc.
From our World Headquarters in the historic College House building in the heart of Cambridge's Harvard Square, we develop high-quality software products and web services for individual fundamental investors, and powerful accounting tools used by the majority of US investment clubs.

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1/24/09: StockCentral Investor Education Workshop; Minneapolis, MN.

2/4 - 2/7/09: World Money Show, Orlando, FL; ICLUBcentral and StockCentral, Exhibitors.

2/10/09: Webinar: Go Offense! Go Defense! When to Buy, Sell, or Hold with Toolkit 6 2/14/09: Club Accounting Workshop and Club Portfolio Clinic, Menasha, WI; Doug Gerlach, Presenter.

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