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January 28, 2009 -

In This Issue:

Club Tax Printer Update

ICLUBcentral is pleased to announce that Final Forms are ready for the following states: AZ, CA, CO, IA, IN, MD, MN, MO, NJ, WI.

Club Accounting 3: After purchasing and installing the 2008 Federal Tax Printer software, open Club Accounting 3 and click on the Taxes tab at the top of the window. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and select "2008 Tax Printers" from the drop-down menu. The Auto-Updater feature will then download the FINAL forms and you can prepare your club's Federal taxes All software updates are automatic for users. After purchasing and installing the 2008 Federal Tax Printer software, make sure you are connected to the Internet and click on the Taxes tab at the top of the window. Select "2008 Tax Printers," and the software will automatically access the FINAL forms, allowing you to begin to prepare your club's Federal taxes.

If you have not yet purchased your ICLUBcentral Federal and State Tax Printers Order Today! Filing Club Taxes is mandatory and your club could incur hefty fines per member per each month you are behind on filing.

Remember: ICLUBcentral is the only provider of investment club accounting tools whose replacement state tax forms are approved by each state for which we provide them! As a member of the National Association of Computerized Tax Processors, we work with each of the 14 states for which we offer the Club State Tax Printer to ensure that your club's filings are accepted without delay.

Join the Club!
by Amy Rauch Neilson

We've already established that nearly half of all adults in the United States make New Year's Resolutions. And I'm sure you also know the rest of the story - that, before the end of the New Year's first shining month, most people have tossed them aside and fallen back into the comfortable rhythm of their old ways.

Why? While my answer isn't based on any scientific research, I think I can offer a pretty common-sense answer to that question. Because, by nature, we're a rather impatient bunch, we humans (myself included). And as such, we expect results - instantly. We resolve to lose weight and, if we don't see progress within a week - or we don't see the progress we think we should see - we get discouraged.

But instant-gratification is only a part of the problem. The other part is what I call the all-or-nothing syndrome. We make a resolution to say, stick to a budget, and the moment we splurge on a latte, we shrug our shoulders, consider all to be lost, and cast the resolution aside – only to resurrect it next Jan. 1.

I've got a better idea. Think of resolutions as evolutions. Replacing one habit with another that will better serve you takes practice, and you’re going to have setbacks along the way. Instead of abandoning your household budget when you splurge on a purchase...


Upcoming Events in your Area (and online)

Don't miss the upcoming investing events in your area! How about an event in the Sunshine State? Join ICLUBcentral at the Money Show February 4-7 at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Love is in the air in Wisconsin and so is excellent investing education. Join ICLUBcentral's president, Douglas Gerlach, February 14th in Wisconsin for the BetterInvesting Regional Conference.

Want to learn how to successfully invest from the comfort of your home? Join us at one of our free online webinars. Each webinar is presented by an expert on the topic being presented and is available for a brief question and answer after the webinar concludes. Upcoming webinars include:

Sign up today! Space is limited.

January 28, 2009

We're ICLUBcentral Inc.
From our World Headquarters in the historic College House building in the heart of Cambridge's Harvard Square, we develop high-quality software products and web services for individual fundamental investors, and powerful accounting tools used by the majority of US investment clubs.

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Events Calendar:
2/4 - 2/7/09: World Money Show, Orlando, FL; ICLUBcentral and StockCentral, Exhibitors.

2/10/09: Webinar: Go Offense! Go Defense! When to Buy, Sell, or Hold with Toolkit 6

2/14/09: Club Accounting Workshop and Club Portfolio Clinic, Menasha, WI; Doug Gerlach, Presenter.

February 24: Improving Your Portfolio with the Investor Advisory Service presented by Douglas Gerlach and Scott Horsburgh

March 10: Tax Tracking and Reporting Tools in Investment Account Manager presented by Matt Willms, President, QUANT IX SOFTWARE

March 24: TakeStock for Conservative Fundamental Stock Analysis presented by Ken Peters, Instructor

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Like 7-Eleven, we're not always doing business, but we're always open -- visit the ICLUB Store and outfit yourself with the simple, yet powerful tools and services that smart investors have been using to grow their portfolios since 1989.

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