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June 25, 2009 -

In This Issue:

Toolkit 6.2 Released- Phone Number Correction

We are pleased to announce the release of an upgrade to ICLUBcentral's popular stock analysis software, Toolkit 6. This update is free for all current users of Toolkit 6. Unfortunately, during our original announcement, the ICLUBcentral toll-free number was incorrect. If you have any questions or would like to purchase your copy of Toolkit 6.2, please contact ICLUB at (877) 33-ICLUB (877-334-2582). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Toolkit 6.2 offers many new features including:

  • A brand new header on page 1 of the Stock Study now displays the company's Sector, Quality, and the Date of the last Price Update.
  • The Data Entry screen now allows for entering the company's Sector, Quality, and Target Return.
  • At the bottom of Stock Study, the R-squared values for historical EPS and Sales are displayed.
  • The graph colors of additional items can be edited in Preferences.
  • The EPS Growth estimates dialog box displays the Implied EPS Growth Rate, as well as the Take Stock Projected EPS Growth Rate (for StockCentral subscribers).
  • A new preference is available to use Average Equity in addition to Start of Year/End of Year Equity in Section 2B.
  • Debt/Equity is no longer affected by the Start of Year/End of Year Equity preference, and is now always properly calculated using End of Year Equity.
  • Relative Value and Projected Relative Value have been moved to Section 3.
  • The Price Variance Quotient option for Low Price selection is now calculated properly.
  • Web links for non-ticker-specific addresses are now properly displayed in the dropdown list of sites.
  • Column headers in the Portfolio Review Report have been re-aligned to make them more meaningful.

If you are a current owner of Toolkit 6, the next time you start the Toolkit 6 program, it will check the server and see that an update is available. Follow the prompts to allow the program's auto-updater to download and install the 6.2 release.

To manually launch the auto-updater, first make sure that you're connected to the Internet, and then select Help from the menu, then Check for Updates. The auto-updater will start and automatically download and install the update. Just follow the instructions as they are presented on your screen. (The update file is large, so be patient if you're connected to the Internet using a dialup connection.)

If you have any question about the version of the program that you're using, select Help from the menu, then About Toolkit. Your version number is displayed on this screen.

If you have any problems accessing or installing the version 6.2 update, please contact ICLUB Customer Support.

Join the Club!
by Amy Rauch Neilson

In the Technology Age, which often translates into communication via virtual meetings and email in place of “old-fashioned” face-to-face meetings or egads – a chat on the telephone -- what’s going on in Minnesota might be considered a bit, well, unusual. In a world where things seem to be moving faster and faster and where people often hide behind virtual walls, the StockCentral Street Team has brought the personal touch back to investment education. That’s likely because maverick Lynn Ostrem is in charge.

Lynn took what was originally intended to be an online initiative and, with a combination of her extensive knowledge of investing and high energy, created an exquisite menu of mentoring programs, road classes, individual instruction, and affordable half-day investor education events for local investors. "When ICLUBcentral set up the StockCentral Street Team, I believe it was meant to bring people together online to find ways of improving the new community website,” says Lynn, who is the President of the Crow River Investment Club in Minneapolis, Minn. "But I thought we could do even more. So, I turned to Robert Brooker and Doug Gerlach, who were only too happy to support our efforts. And so I took the concept literally – to the streets."

Read more

InvestEd: Advanced Education Coming to Salt Lake City

Join like-minded investors in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 7-9, 2009 for the third annual InvestEd. InvestEd is jammed packed with over 60 sessions that meet the needs of both novice and advanced investors.

Each year, InvestEd lines up an elite group of instructors such as Lynn Ostrem, Mary Ann Davis, John Tonsager, Diane Graese, Douglas Gerlach, and many more. This year, InvestEd is pleased to offer several advanced courses for educational instruction you cannot find in general information sessions. These advanced courses include:

  • Advanced Stock Selection Form Judgment Decisions and Portfolio Management Using Quarterly Trend Analysis taught by Brian Altschul
  • Conserve Your Stock Selection Form taught by John Tonsager
  • Go Offense! Go Defense! When to Buy, Sell, or Hold with Toolkit 6 and Identifying Excellence in Company Management taught by Doug Gerlach
  • Advanced Series: Surviving Bear Markets: Invest in the Best, Sources of Earnings Growth: Return on Equity and Its Components, Lessons from Behavioral Finance: Avoiding Mistakes Even Smart Investors Make, and Weeding and Feeding Your Portfolio taught by Phil Keating
  • Beginning Cash Flow Workshop and Advanced Cash Flow Workshop taught by Diane Graese
  • And Many More!

View a full listing of sessions offered at InvestEd, including newbie through advanced sessions.

Be certain to register today! For only $399 you will receive invaluable investor education from talented, renown investor education specialists!

June 25, 2009

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