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March 11, 2010 -

In This Issue:

Let the Take Stock Wizard Help You Analyze any Stock

One of the most popular features on the StockCentral website is the online version of our Take Stock analysis tool. With Take Stock, you can instantly analyze any stock and receive a conservative assessment of the company's growth, quality, and value.

We have recently launched a new enhancement to Take Stock that offers users the flexibility to adjust the various judgment items used in the tool. The Wizard prompts users to enter or select six different stock study judgment items, from projected growth rates to selected price-earnings ratios. Using the Wizard, investors can fine-tune their investment analyses and override the default Take Stock judgment.

Needless to say, this tool is directed at more experienced investors, but it can also help beginners to understand the decision-making process that goes into studying a stock by offering plain-English explanations of various choices available and by suggesting which criteria would be most appropriate if following the Take Stock approach.

To use the Wizard, log in to the StockCentral website, then select Take Stock from the Tools menu. Enter a ticker symbol and then check the "Use Wizard" box below the ticker entry box. The program will then prompt you with graphs, text, and various options through seven screens. After you have reviewed and entered all required judgment items, you can see the complete Take Stock analysis and print a Technamental Stock Study Worksheet or Stock Selection Guide for the company.

Users of the desktop Take Stock program can continue to use it through the completion of their current subscription terms. At the conclusion of that subscription, users must subscribe to StockCentral if they wish to continue using Take Stock.

The Take Stock Wizard is both educational and informational, and is yet another addition to the high-quality tools available on the StockCentral website. Sign up for a free 45-day trial today, or renew your current subscription.

Join the Club!
by Amy Rauch Neilson

A couple of the most avid investors I know let me in on a little secret recently: They don't always spend as much time managing their personal portfolios as they should. It's not that they don't have the interest or the desire. In fact, quite to the contrary, they're so busy helping others — teaching classes at national investment education events — that their own portfolios get pushed to the side.

When it comes to stock market returns, historically, individual stocks have outperformed all other investments over the long run. But performance is just part of the big picture. To succeed in individual stock investing — either as an individual or investment club member — you've got to have more than the history of market-beating performance on your side. You need to be able to pass what I call the Three T test with flying colors.

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Roster of Quality Companies Moved to StockCentral

For many years, the Roster of Quality Companies has been used by investors who are seeking high-quality companies for their portfolios. The Roster of Quality pinpoints those companies with strong and steady revenue and earnings growth, management efficiency, and skill in managing company resources as measured by the Take Stock Quality Index. These are companies that meet demanding standards of quality, growth, and efficiency — attributes that you're looking for as a long-term investor.

We are now pleased to announce that the Roster of Quality has been moved to StockCentral and is now included at no additional charge with your StockCentral subscription. Simply log in to StockCentral, click on the Data tab, then select the Roster of Quality to view the current list of qualifying companies.

With this change, the Roster of Quality will no longer be published on However, the Roster will be updated each week, instead of each month as it had been in the past. Of course, Toolkit 6 users who subscribe to StockCentral can continue to download the Roster directly into the Toolkit 6 program.

The Roster provides you with a wealth of investment ideas, from which you can then perform your own, deeper stock analysis using Take Stock or Toolkit 6. To review the current list, log in to StockCentral. If you're not a subscriber, sign up for a free 45-day trial to StockCentral, or renew your current subscription.

March 11, 2010

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March 27, 2010: Southeast Florida BetterInvesting Chapter Investor EduFair/Annual Meeting; Plantation, FL
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April 10, 2010: Central Indiana BetterInvesting Chapter Education Forum; Indianapolis, IN
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April 24, 2010: South New Jersey BetterInvesting Chapter Investor's Fair; Cherry Hill, NJ
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May 22, 2010: Tulsa BetterInvesting Chapter Education Fair; Tulsa, OK
Doug Gerlach, Keynote Speaker & Instructor

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