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For Chapter Administration Assistance:
I am requesting for chapter administration use.
Provide name of chapter and K Code:
I am requesting for chapter model investment
club use. Provide name of chapter and K Code:

For Education, Training, and Event Support:
Please tell us about your event, including when
and where your event is taking place, and a brief

What materials do you need and for how many attendees?
For example, you can ask us for door prizes, software
licenses for teaching purposes, a visit from one of our
speakers, prepared software presentations, or attendance
through a conference call or webinar.

While we can't send a speaker to every event, we'll do our best to
support your class. If you have any technical problems, you can
fill out this form for a priority response or call us at 617-661-2582
and mention your ticket number from this request. Just tell a
representative you're running a class and we'll roll out the red

You can also call us at 248-654-3100. Tell the
representative you're calling for BetterInvesting
chapter administrative or club education support and
we'll roll out the red carpet.

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