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General Investment Club Tax Principles

Listed below are some of the more common questions we've seen over the years when it comes to taking care of getting your club tax forms filled in, printed out, and sent to the IRS.
Each of these links now goes to our new FAQ system at

If you don't see your question listed below, please take a look at our new FAQ page, which is constantly updating to keep track of your most common questions!

Who needs to file tax returns?
When should I prepare my taxes?
How do I close my books?
How do I prepare my taxes?
Where do I file my taxes?
Where does the Tax Software get its data?
Where can I obtain a serial number for the Club Tax Printer?
When will the Club Tax Printer software be available?
My forms are from last year -or- a SERIOUS ERROR message appears after clicking FINISH on the tax printer.
What does "See the Partner's Instructions" mean on the K-1 instructions, and where are they?

Useful Tax Links

ICLUBcentral Inc. is the only provider of investment club tax preparation software that is a member of the National Association of Computerized Tax Processors.

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Club Tax Printer Product Information

Download Club Tax Printers

2015 Federal Tax Printer Manual

2015 State Tax Printer Manual

More Help

General Club Tax Principles

Understanding Club Tax Season

Internal Revenue Service

If your club is based in Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Wisconsin, please note this warning.

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