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Save on Investing Tools and Newsletters from ICLUBcentral

December 6, 2022

Here’s the secret to getting a discount on investing newsletters and tools to help your portfolio

ICLUBcentral has been making tools for investment clubs and individual investors like you for a very long time, with a commitment to offering products at affordable prices that are accessible to all. So far, we’ve been mostly successful in managing inflation and keeping prices very reasonable for award-winning, market-beating newsletters like the SmallCap Informer or Investor Advisory Service and value-packed web tools like StockCentral, EquityResearchService, or MyStockProspector. (Check out the features of all of these products at

Keeping prices affordable is one reason we offer our Ultra Bundle program that allows investors the chance to save off the regular full prices of our tools.

Here’s how the Ultra Bundle can save you over time.

  • Each time you add an ICLUBcentral subscription to your bundle, the price you pay for each tool goes down. Add more tools, and a bigger discount is applied.
  • Each time you add another year to your bundle, the price you pay for each year for each tool goes down. Add more years (up to three), and a bigger discount is applied. (And here’s a secret tip – your personal Ultra Bundle could be made up of just one subscription that runs for two or three years!)
  • If you have a promotion code for any tool, it can be applied as well, lowering your total price still further! It’s not uncommon for total savings to exceed 40% off the full prices of the products in a bundle. (See below for some promo codes you can use today!)

In addition, once you’ve created an Ultra Bundle, you’ll have one expiration date for all the included subscriptions. This keeps your future accounting as simple as possible — just renew one time instead of several.

If you’re a current subscriber to any ICLUBcentral tool, you can convert it to an Ultra Bundle at any point, and we’ll align all subscriptions so they share just one expiration date.

The Ultra Bundle program rewards ICLUBcentral’s best customers with savings that can’t be beat! Try our bundle builder today to see just how much you can save over time.

The savings are yours for the asking, so don’t delay—create your Ultra Bundle today!

If you’d like to include our SmallCap Informer or Investor Advisory Service stock newsletters in your bundle, use these promo codes and see the savings grow!

  • Investor Advisory Service: UR2X
  • SmallCap Informer: CHARTER


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