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January 28, 2003 - ICLUBcentral News

NAIC Software News January 28, 2003


Mining for Stocks with NAIC Stock Prospector
by Ann Schiff, ICLUBcentral

Investing these days is hard. Though it was much more fun to watch our stocks go up back during the bubble days, it's currently a much healthier atmosphere for stock purchases. Stocks, even fast growers, are now cheaper. NAIC Stock Prospector can help you sort through the more than 7,000 stocks in NAIC's Online Premium Services to find the ones that are cheap and growing.

There are two great ways to sample NAIC Stock Prospector before buying it.

1) Download a demo copy of the program and use it free for 30 days. You can download it from our website. The demo comes pre-loaded with 1000 stocks to screen.

2) ICLUBcentral also offers a sample screen every month of the top twenty-five stocks, as found through our own use of NAIC Stock Prospector. The screen is located here:

The special introductory price of $49 lasts only until March 1, so buy your copy of NAIC Stock Prospector today!

Helpful Tax Tips from ICLUBcentral
by Rich Beaubien, ICLUBcentral

During tax season, our support staff is very busy because lots of customers have questions. Please be patient!! Resolving your problem is important to us. For the fastest response, file your question online at our support website. You may want to include your data file with the request. That way, we’ll be able to look at the problem in depth quickly and efficiently without having to ask you follow-up questions. To learn how to create a data file with all your accounting information on it, see this page.

NOTE: If you file a support request with a different email address than we have on file, you will be told that you may not have a valid support contract. You will also be sent instructions on how to correct the situation if you do have a valid support contract but have changed your email address.

When calling for live phone support, please be at your computer with our software running. We can help you best if you're ready to step through the sequence that led to your question. If a problem occurs, try to narrow down the steps that led to the problem. Whether calling or by using our Customer Service Request Form on the web, we will need some basic information that will make it easier for us to help you faster.

  • What product and version of the product are you using?
  • What operating system (generally a version of Windows) are you using?
  • If applicable, what is your product serial number?
  • If you are using NAIC Online Club Accounting (NOCA), what is your username?

When requesting Customer Support you should be familiar with the following items. They will help our experts quickly answer your questions:

  • The make, model and amount of memory (RAM) on your computer.
  • The make and model printer if you have a question or problem regarding the printing of reports.
  • If a problem occurs, try to narrow down the steps that led to the problem.
  • If a message appears, be sure to write down the exact wording.

The first thing we do is check to see if you have a valid Customer Support contract. So if you call the Customer Support representative will ask you a few questions to ascertain that fact. If you do not have a Customer Support contract you may purchase one immediately with the representative on the phone.

Where We'll Be - ICLUBcentral Events

January 30, 2003: Missouri
Director training for the St Louis Chapter.
For more information contact Bill Biedenstein, e-mail: or phone: (636) 667-3055

February 21-22, 2003: Northeastern Wisconsin and Fox Valley
Club Accounting Workshops

Want us to come teach at your fair? Want your local fair announced in our newsletter? Contact for more information.


In the January 9, 2002, edition of NAIC Software News, the second and third paragraphs of the Investment Club Therapist article by Doug Gerlach were mistakenly included from a previous column. The fault lay with ICLUBcentral, not Mr Gerlach, and we apologize for any confusion. You may find the article in its proper form at

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