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July 9, 2004 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider July 9, 2004


Investor's Toolkit 5 Sale Ends July 15

We are down to the final few days of our special online introductory sale for NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5 -- make the most of this discount offering while it lasts! Thousands of NAIC investors have already experienced Toolkit 5's new portfolio management features, and you can too, at a discount, if you order online by July 15.

The 5th edition of the NAIC Investor's Toolkit is the result of twelve years of user experience with the Toolkit software line. Its enhancements have been distilled from the consolidated input of our users who have told us what they wanted. The program has once again been rewritten in order to take advantage of improvements in technology that permit us to make life simpler, clearer, and better for our users. Toolkit 5 takes the stock-picking capability NAIC Investor's rely on and combines it with unprecedented portfolio management features.

Donít miss out on the last days of this great opportunity to discover why Investor's Toolkit 5 has already become so popular! The special online sale ends next week on July 15, 2004. NAIC members who own Toolkit 4 Pro may upgrade to Toolkit 5 for just $75, and owners of Toolkit 4, NAIC Classic, or NAIC Classic Plus may upgrade for $99. And new users can purchase Toolkit 5 for just $149 until July 15.

Get the software that so many NAIC investors have already taken advantage of -- order your copy of the NAIC Investor's Toolkit online before the sale ends!

Order today at:

Improvements to NAIC Stock Prospector Database
by Douglas Gerlach
Vice-President of NAIC Products, ICLUBcentral Inc.

As of this week, we've made some changes to the NAIC Stock Prospector database. The database has been streamlined to eliminate inactive companies from appearing in it. This has removed several thousand stocks from the database; nearly all of these were inactive companies that had current prices of $0 and last updates from several quarters or years ago (usually because they were merged, acquired, changed ticker symbols or were delisted from their exchanges).

One related benefit for those who use a dialup connection to access the Internet is that the new database should take much less time to download and import into Prospector. If you are a dialup service user, you should notice that the database import process is notably faster.

The Stock Prospector database is updated each week, and is generally available late on Tuesday evening. An NAIC Online Premium Services subscription is required in order to access the database. To update your database, connect to the Internet and simply click the "Import" button on the Prospector toolbar, then click the "Start Import" button. The updated database will automatically download into the Prospector software.

For more information on NAIC Stock Prospector, NAIC's official stock screening software, please visit

Part 7 of a Series: What Is the NAIC Stock Selection Guide All About?
Zoning on the SSG
by Ralph Seger; President, Investor Advisory Service

(Editor's Note: NAIC's Stock Selection Guide is the cornerstone of the Investor Advisory Service, and is used by Ralph Seger and the analysts at Seger-Elvekrog to select and follow each company included in the newsletter. This is the final installment of Ralph Seger's series of tips that delve into the basics of the SSG and how it can best be used to identify stocks for your portfolio.)

Look at the zoning on the SSG with a jaundiced eye. If you use a 25%, 50%, 25% zoning, then you don't have to do a lot of mental calculations. The highest price in the lower zone is always a safe US/DS ratio of 3 to 1. It can be considered the "buy zone". However, if you use the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 method of zoning, then prices in the lower zone may not be a buy because the US/DS ratio is not 3 to 1. In fact, the highest price in the lower zone is an US/DS ratio of 2 to 1.

Therefore, be very careful of what you consider to be the "buy" zone. Understand the theory and it will be beneficial to your financial health. If you just enter numbers into the SSG without understanding the theory, it can be hazardous to your future financial security.


The SSG is not an answer to a maiden's prayer by itself. A successful investor will read and study financial news. With the advent of Internet and the SEC rule that all news that might affect the price of the stock must be publicized to be able to be accessed by interested parties, has leveled the playing field. Investors should also read financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Business Week and Fortune. These sources have writers who dig behind the numbers, provide analysis to both background and future consequences. In other words, you have to know why as well as what. The informed and intelligent investor will know why a situation is a buy, hold or sell. They will depend on their judgment. The SSG is all about judgment. It is an aid to judgment, a guide to judgment, but not a substitute for judgment. The final results will heavily depend on your understanding of theory and the judgments made.

For more information on the Investor Advisory Service, please visit

Service Update: NAIC Online Club Accounting
by Mark Hatch
Vice-President of Engineering, ICLUBcentral Inc.

On Thursday, July 22, we will begin the process of upgrading our NAIC Online Club Accounting (NOCA) service. In order to complete the upgrade, NOCA will be unavailable for approximately 72 hours. The new and improved NOCA will be available once again on Sunday, July 25.

If your club should require any reports during the period of the shutdown, treasurers should make plans to prepare them prior to July 22. No data will be lost during this period.

What are we changing?

  • NOCA club members will now be integrated with the rest of our systems, so you will be able see subscription status and purchases that you have made. You will also be able to correct any personal information we have, so that you always receive up-to-date information about your software and services.
  • This NOCA change will also pave the way for a universal log-in system (to be launched in the not-so-distant future). With a universal log-in, your single user name will allow you access to NOCA and other subscription services such as your Investor Advisory Service subscription.
  • NOCA's internal systems will be changed, and a new server will be put in place to provide faster transaction and response times. NOCA's data systems will also be upgraded and replaced.
  • Many outstanding accounting and functional issues have been corrected.

As we approach the date, we will be sending you notification about any areas of NOCA that will be slightly different. Don't worry, the screens and menus are the same as they have always been! There are just a few adjustments to club member information that will be different now that we have integrated NOCA into our other systems.

We are looking forward to bringing this new version of NOCA on-line, allowing us to serve you better and to make using NOCA a more pleasant experience!

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