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August 19, 2004 -
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ICLUB Insider August 19, 2004


You Subscribe to IAS, Don't You?

You've heard of IAS, right? You know, that newsletter based on NAIC investing principles? The one with stock picks that have had a 109% return over the last five years alone? The one run by Ralph Seger? You do subscribe to IAS, don't you?

If you do, great! If you don't, what are you waiting for?!

Now is your chance to enjoy the newsletter that so many other investors have come to follow and trust. Check out our Summer 2004 IAS discounts!

Investor Advisory Service (IAS) is written by professional money managers who use NAIC methods to pick stocks and explain their choices in detail. IAS stock picks have a proven record of stellar performance, and every serious investor should consider the benefits of an IAS subscription:

  • Recent market news and explanation of why it matters.
  • 3 detailed stock recommendations with completed SSGs.
  • Updates and rankings of dozens of previously reviewed stocks.
  • Email updates between issues to deliver timely news.

NAIC members can use the promo code UR2X when you sign up to receive a 28% discount on the regular price of an online-only IAS subscription, or a 35% discount on the print IAS subscription (which includes full access the online edition also). Convince yourself that IAS is well worth the money -- download a free copy today. When you're ready to join the league of successful IAS investors, take the next step. Don't forget to use promo code UR2X to take advantage of these hot summer discounts!

Subscribe to IAS or get more information at

Last Chance to Purchase NAIC Classic

If you're just getting started with the Stock Selection Guide, there's no better place to learn than with NAIC Classic software. NAIC Classic is NAIC's official program designed especially for beginners, with interactive help and an innovative Stock Wiz to help you learn the SSG step-by- step. With NAIC Classic, it's easy to start analyzing stocks and make better investing decisions the NAIC way.

Since NAIC Classic was first introduced, thousands of new NAIC members have successfully used the program to gain confidence in the Stock Selection Guide. But now the time has come to retire the program and clear our shelves of the last remaining copies.

Hold on -- we're getting rid of NAIC Classic, you say? Well, not entirely -- we're merely switching over to NAIC Classic Plus, which includes all of the SSG forms and stock analysis tools but adds in the Portfolio Management Guide (PMG) and Portfolio Evaluation Review Tool (PERT) to aid in managing the stocks you already own. It's only the original NAIC Classic that we're phasing out, and we'll continue to support NAIC Classic if you need help with the program.

If you've never tried any NAIC Software program, this is good news for you. While supplies are available, you can buy NAIC Classic at the NAIC member's price of just $59. Later, if you'd like, you can still upgrade to NAIC Classic Plus at the special upgrade price to add the portfolio management tools. If you're happy with NAIC Classic itself, then you can continue to use the program as it is to select stocks with the best potential for long-term performance.

Here's a tip passed on by many new investment clubs who have discovered that NAIC Classic is the perfect way to get all their members using the SSG. At the NAIC member price of $59, every club member can purchase a copy of NAIC Classic and then share their SSG files with each other by e-mail or on diskette. Then, one member of the club is appointed the "portfolio manager" for the club and uses NAIC Classic Plus to prepare the club's portfolio reports for each meeting.

Remember, once you're up to speed with the SSG and NAIC's methods of selecting quality growth stocks for your portfolio, you can then upgrade to NAIC Classic Plus to add the PMG and PERT to the program at a special price, making NAIC Classic a terrific investment!

To order your NAIC Classic (while supplies are available), please visit

Fixing Font Problems in NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5
by Dan Abraham
Director of Customer Support, ICLUBcentral Inc.

Some investors have reported problems with text lining up improperly or overlapping other items on the screen in NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5. This problem occurs when your display is set to a non-standard size. Fortunately, it is easy to fix.

Here are the steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Display > Advanced.
  2. Set the font size to 96 DPI, also called Normal.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click OK again.
  5. [Optional] Sometimes your computer requires you to restart after this kind of change.
  6. Start Toolkit again. The display should be fixed.

For more information on NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5, please visit

Send Your Club Back to School
by Angele McQuade
Co-Author, Investment Clubs for Dummies

Even if you're no longer in school yourself, there's no reason why your investment club shouldn't make continuing education a part of every meeting. Consider some of these strategies to start or strengthen your club's education program.

Vary your teachers

Consider making the educational portion of your meeting the responsibility of a different club member every month. Rotate through your membership and your list of topics so everyone gets a turn. Even if some members might not be entirely comfortable with this idea, it's good to let everyone share responsibility.

Be creative with your choices

Schedule an all-club brainstorming session once or twice a year and let members throw out ideas for investment-related topics they'd like to learn more about. Narrow that list down to the most popular ideas, and use that as your education curriculum for the next six months or year.

Meet in a different location once or twice a year

Hold your meeting at a local library to investigate the investment research resources available there. Request a tour of a local publicly traded company, complete with a question and answer session with their investor relations representative. Attend as a group some classes or an investors fair offered by your local NAIC chapter. Hold joint meetings with other local clubs once or twice a year, alternating the hosting and education responsibilities.

Take a break

Put your education program on hold for a month and just enjoy each other's company. Spend some time getting to know each other better. Talk informally about why you each decided to join the club, what you've gained from the club, and what you still hope to accomplish together.

Investment Clubs for Dummies, by Douglas Gerlach and Angele McQuade, was hailed by Barron's one of its "Best Investment Books of 2002." Order your copy today at

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