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February 4, 2005

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ICLUB Insider February 4, 2005


Club Tax Printers Now Available

Both the State and Federal NAIC Club Tax Printers are now available by download and on CD. Following the approval of 2004's forms by the IRS in early January, the NAIC Club Federal Tax Printer was rushed off to the factory for production and made available for download at As of the end of January, NAIC was busily shipping all CD orders, so if you haven't received your copy yet, please be patient! It will arrive shortly.

The NAIC Club State Tax Printer was finalized in late January (as soon as all eight states finalized their own tax forms), and is now available for download at, as well. NAIC should begin shipping the State Tax Printers in the next week or so.

The NAIC Club Federal Tax Printer for NOCA (NAIC Online Club Accounting) is also ready for use. Just log in to your club's web site and click the Taxes tab to generate your club's tax forms.

If you haven't ordered your 2004 Club Tax Printers yet, there's still time! Just visit and place your order today. Remember: NAIC members get a $20 discount off the regular price!

New Benefit Added to NAIC Investing Software Support & Maintenance

Back in October of 2004, we launched what has turned out to be a very popular service -- NAIC Investing Software Support & Maintenance. Subscribers enjoy one year of expert customer support for NAIC Investor's Toolkit, NAIC Stock Analyst, NAIC Classic Plus, and NAIC Stock Prospector. Not only do they get customer support, subscribers also enjoy unprecedented software maintenance. This means we mail out a CD with the latest versions of all included programs, which subscribers can install as updates. We also provide downloadable updates throughout the year to ensure that the software meets our demanding quality standards. And when it comes to software notices and announcements, NAIC Investing Software Support & Maintenance subscribers get preferential email notifications as an added bonus.

On top of support and maintenance, subscribers also get a free subscription to the Complete Roster of Quality Companies, which is a monthly stock screen designed by Ellis Traub that includes every stock in NAIC's OPS database that displays critical signs of growth and efficiency. We have heard an incredible amount of positive feedback about the Complete Roster!

As if all of this was not enough to make a subscription well worth the price, we have recently added a new feature to NAIC Investing Software Support & Maintenance. A subscription now includes a free subscription to the "Investment Comments" from the Investor Advisory Service newsletter (IAS). As many NAIC investors know, IAS has a track record of winning stock picks back to 1973. The "Investment Comments" are taken directly from the latest issue of IAS and sent to subscribers via email every month. The "Investment Comments" section of IAS helps investors generate great investing ideas, learn about markets and economic trends and get inside the minds of professional money managers.

Subscribe to NAIC Investing Software Support & Maintenance today for just $33/year!

Investing Support Subscribers:
Update Your NAIC Classic Plus

Calling all Investing Support subscribers! An update to NAIC Classic Plus is now available. Among the many new features and enhancements available in NAIC Classic Plus version 2.3 are the ability to share *.SDF files with NAIC Stock Analyst, the ability to use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to move through screens and reports, and much more!

If you already have a valid subscription to NAIC Investing Software Support and Maintenance Agreement -- or, as we like to call it, Investing Support -- you should have received a special email with quick and simple instructions for downloading the update.

If you're not currently an Investing Support subscriber, sign up today in order to get this NAIC Classic Plus update, as well as updates to any other NAIC investment software program made by ICLUBcentral Inc. In addition, Investing Support subscribers also receive the Complete Roster of Quality Companies, a monthly list of top-rated stock ideas for your portfolio; monthly Investment Comments from the Investor Advisory Service; and access to ICLUBcentral's customer support to resolve any issues you might experience with your software.

For more about NAIC Classic Plus, NAIC's official software for learning the Stock Selection Guide and other NAIC tools, please visit

To subscribe to the NAIC Investing Software Support and Maintenance Agreement program, please visit

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ICLUBcentral has had great success with its Investor Advisory Service newsletter, and now we are thinking about offering a biotech investing newsletter. We are looking to you -- our readers and customers -- for insight into this proposition. What would you like such a newsletter to include? Is it something you would be interested in? We want to hear from you! Please email ideas, comments, questions, and especially notifications that you're interested to

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