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November 15, 2006 - ICLUB News
Please forward this message to the treasurer or other officer of your investment club as soon as possible! They won't want to miss the opportunity to order 2006 club tax printers at the deepest discounts available!

ICLUB Insider November 15, 2006


Pre-Order Your 2006 Federal and State Club Tax Printers From the Store Today and Save!

The 2006 Club Tax Printers for both Federal and State returns are now available for pre-order from the ICLUBcentral store. In just eight clicks of your mouse, you can easily and accurately complete the necessary IRS forms for your investment club -- all without hiring an outside accountant or tax preparer. There's no easier or quicker way to handle Tax Season than with ICLUBcentral's Club Tax Printers.

The 2006 software requires either Club Accounting 3.1 and a valid Club Accounting Maintenance subscription, or a current subscription to Club Accounting Online at

To prepare for closing your books, make sure you've upgraded to CA 3.1 and that your Club Accounting Maintenance subscription is up-to-date and active, or that your subscription Club Accounting Online at is current.

In addition to the Federal Club Tax Printer program, and State Club Tax Printer are available this year for eleven states (Arizona, California, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri and New York -- and, new for 2006 -- Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania).

Users of Club Accounting 3.1 should note that once installed, the Tax Printers appear as options on the CA 3.1 file menu; just select the Taxes menu and begin the process of generating your club's forms.

Please note: When first installed, the tax printers include draft forms which cannot be used to file with the IRS or your state agency. However, the CA 3.1 tax printers feature an auto-updater, which will automatically download and install the final forms when they are released. This will allow you to make sure that your forms are properly completed while we wait for final release of forms sometime in January, and then you can quickly print the final documents for your club.

The Tax Printers for Club Accounting Online will also be first released using draft forms. These will be updated automatically with final forms as soon as they become available.

When you order the Club Tax Printers for Club Accounting Online, log in to your club's web site, click the Taxes tab, and follow the link to purchase the Club Tax Printer. This will ensure that your purchase is linked to the correct club and that you purchase the right Club Tax Printer for Club Accounting Online.

Why buy your Tax Printer software now? Because you'll receive special early bird pricing by ordering before December 31, 2006. If you're a treasurer, get approval at your next club meeting to pre-order the software, and lock in the lowest prices available anywhere for your club's 2006 Federal and State Tax Printers. To pre-order, or learn about available discounts and pricing, visit the Taxes page at for special pricing offers and more information.

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