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Purchase is the most widely used website in the world for investment club administration and communication. It offers full partnership accounting features (including optional year-end tax printing), plus several popular features which make being in a club easy and fun. Data interchange with Club Accounting for Windows is seamless, and the software is backed by the reliability of BetterInvesting, a national non-profit dedicated to investor education since 1951.
  • Full investment club (partnership) accounting — editable only by authorized officers
  • More than 35 detailed performance and StockWatcher reports and graphs - viewable by any registered club member
  • Private, personalized club website
  • Industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for security
  • Variable levels of access for each member
  • End-of-day stock quotes to help you track your portfolio's performance
  • 250 MB file storage area for sharing SSGs, meeting minutes, club bylaws, pictures, and more
  • Unlimited private club message board works with email
  • Club calendar
  • Automated online and downloadable data backups
  • Integrated online help on each website page
  • Online customer support — 24-hr maximum response time
  • Telephone support — expert help just a call away

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