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September 10, 2009 -

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InvestEd 2010 Coming to the East Coast

InvestEd 2009 was a success! For 2010, InvestEd will be held in Baltimore, MD on August 6-8, 2010. InvestEd is a non-profit organization that strives to assist long-term investors in making smarter investing decisions. With over sixty sessions, InvestEd has something for everyone!

For 2010, InvestEd is coming to the East Coast! Join us August 6-8 in Maryland for an educational event at the early bird pricing of $369, a bargain for the wealth of knowledge you will gain. While in Maryland to expand in your investing repertoire, catch an Orioles game at Camden Yards stadium and bask in the charm of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Travel a few miles to Annapolis or Washington D.C. Accommodations are at a discount for InvestEd attendees at the Sheraton Hotel for only $119 a night for either a single or double.

Register for InvestEd prior to December 31, 2009 at the Early Bird Special of $369!

InvestEd Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation, produces the InvestEd conference
Copyright 2009 InvestEd Inc.

Join the Club!
by Amy Rauch Neilson

Somewhere along the way, technical analysis got a bad rap. Likely because of its "minute to minute" nature, many long-term investors dismiss it as analysis that is geared toward day traders and other short-term investors.

Back in the day, when I was Managing Editor of Better Investing Magazine (1990-1992), I edited the Technically Speaking column every month. By the mid-1990s, that column had disappeared from the magazine. Interestingly, after a long hiatus, it reappeared in the June/July 2009 issue. Could this be a sign that there's a renewed interest in technical analysis among fundamental investors?

Though most long-term, growth investors swear by fundamental analysis, it doesn't hurt to remain open to the possibility of technical analysis and all it has to offer. "Most people believe that technical analysis is day trading or market timing," says Saul Seinberg, a Director of InvestEd, Inc. and an InvestEd Instructor. "The fact is, technical analysis can be those things, but it's not always. When used properly, technical analysis can go a long way toward supporting the decisions that growth investors make."

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Stock Investment Guide 3 Now Released

Churr Software is pleased to announce the release of Stock Investment Guide 3. The new release includes these features:

  • A new stock library database stores all of your analysis in a central location which allows users to create Portfolio lists to organize their analysis in many ways
  • A separate Investment Portfolio listing allows you to enter number of shares and price per share to perform simple investment performance tracking.
  • The Easy Search feature allows users to type a character from the ticker symbol or company name to locate stocks.
  • Search for your desired company, use the Fetch SSG button quickly retrieves the data from your data source.
  • Batch update stock prices or data files for your Stock Library or Portfolio.
  • Integrated Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) now available.
  • Integrated stock Comparison Analysis Review (CAR) allows users to compare up to 5 stock analyses side-by-side. Simply check the stocks you want to compare and activate the Comparison button in the toolbar.
  • And much more!

For more information and to purchase your Stock Investment Guide 3 please visit:

Toolkit 6 Tip: Adding Company-Specific Web Sites for Research

In a recent Toolkit 6 User Group webinar, there were lots of questions about using the Company-Specific web sites feature in the program, so I thought that I'd follow up with some instructions and tips on using this function.

Whenever you have company forms (like the Stock Study) open in Toolkit 6, the Web button on the top toolbar provides you with access to a list of web sites. These web site addresses can be entered in such a way that when you select one of them, your browser will open and go to that site -- but specifically to the page on the site with information about the particular company that you have open in Toolkit. This is a significant, convenient time-saving trick to perform additional company research while you're analyzing a company. But it does require a bit of know-how in order to get it working properly in Toolkit 6. (The Toolkit manual includes instructions in the "Getting the Most Out of Toolkit 6" chapter.)

With Toolkit 6 open, click the Web button and select "Manage Web Links." A dialog box opens with two tabs: Companies and Favorites. Companies are the company web site addresses that you have entered in the program, either from that tab or in the Data Entry screen. Favorites are the web sites that you have entered (or are pre-entered for you) that provide information on stocks. You will note that the first dozen or so web sites have an asterisk before them -- these are the pre-defined links that cannot be edited. These ship with the program, and are updated when necessary when Toolkit updates are released via the auto-updater.

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September 10, 2009

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