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June 17, 2010 -

In This Issue:

Toolkit 6 Update Adds Features and Reports
More than 70 new features, enhancements and repairs have been made to version 6.3 of Toolkit, and this update is free to all registered users. Next time you start the program, you will be prompted to automatically download and install the update.

Here are some of the new features provided in Toolkit 6.3:

Stock Study Front:

  • A buy/sell/hold indicator appears next to the current price on the stock study graph.
  • Users can view the values of the fiscal year sales and EPS estimates when moving the mouse over the points on the graph.
  • The R2 values on front of the stock study and historical growth screens are now re-calculated when outliers are removed. At the bottom of the graph, the original R2 values are crossed out if outliers are removed and the resulting R2 value is different.
  • Users can turn off the growth rate reference lines (10%, 15%, 20%, etc.) from the graph display in preferences.
  • Analysts' future fiscal year sale estimates can now be added to the stock study graph.
  • The analysts' estimates dialog box has been reformatted. It now allows you to review, edit or enter sales estimates and analysts' consensus estimate growth rate. A link to your web Links allows you to go to the Internet for retrieval of estimates information and data.
  • The graphing functions have been improved with easier dragging and dropping, better auto-scaling of items and saving of custom-set graph positions to the database. Companies that previously displayed with historical data "off the graph" are now handled better.


  • Two new reports have been added to show the diversification by company size and by sector/industry.
  • From the portfolio alerts page, the "Check Trends" button goes to the quarterly trend graph, instead of to the quarterly trend report.
  • On the portfolio review report, the "5 Yr Ave P/E Ratio" column displays the user-selected future high and low P/E ratios in section 4 (and the resulting average). However, the "Projected RV" on the portfolio review report was using the "Average P/E Ratio" from section 3 of the stock study, so the projected relative value figure displayed on the report would not be the same as the value a user could manually calculate from the P/E ratios on the report. As such, the "5 Yr Ave P/E Ratio" column has been renamed "Proj 5 Yr P/E Ratios" (since these are the user-selected future high and low P/E ratios in section 4 are are forward-looking figures). The projected relative value figure is now calculated by dividing the current P/E ratio by the projected average P/E ratio (both as shown on the portfolio review report).


  • The preference options have been standardized to make it easier for users to understand and set desired behaviors. Some preferences have been reorganized, and now appear on different tabs.
  • A new preference allows you to turn off the Smart Data Updater when starting up the program.

Stock Study Back:

  • New graphs of return on equity and debt-to-equity are provided in section 2.


  • The function to use a data source on a hard drive or local media (such as the AAII data files or Value Line CD) has been restored.
  • BetterInvesting data subscribers now can view the first impression screen when loading a company for the first time.
  • The alert message when switching away from the StockCentral datafeed has been removed. The text now appears on the preferences > data feed tab.
  • Links have been added in preferences > data feed tab to help users reset or recover their data subscription passwords.
  • StockCentral functions have been enabled for any user with a current user name and password, even if StockCentral is not the currently active data subscription.

A 6.3.1 update was also just released to fix a problem with certain portfolios. For a complete list of all the changes in the 6.3 updates, please go to

Workshop on New Take Stock Features

We've been busy enhancing's stock analysis program, Take Stock, and will soon be launching an expanded version of the program.

To help you learn about the new features, and how to best use the program in your stock research and analysis, Doug Gerlach will conduct a workshop in the StockCentral Workshops forum during the week of June 28-July 2.

Doug will demonstrate the new edit judgment module and the integration of Take Stock with StockCentral's Portfolio Tracker, providing StockCentral users with even more tools to aid in analyzing a stock.

Be sure to drop by the StockCentral Workshops forum next week to ask questions and see all has to offer!

Support Youth Education — Vote for Building Wealth!

BetterInvesting's Building Wealth Program, which brings financial literacy and investment education into high schools, is in the running for a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Project grant. If awarded, the funds will be used to provide training for additional teachers, as well as offer the Building Wealth curriculum to the students of these dedicated educators. Vote at

June 17, 2010


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