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September 8, 2011 -

In This Issue:

Stock Prospector Tip: Add Your Own Companies to Any Screen
by Doug Gerlach,
President, ICLUBcentral Inc.

Our high-powered Stock Prospector software program allows you to find stocks using a customized set of historical fundamental company data not available in any other free or subscription-based stock screener program or website. There are plenty of advanced features in the program that you might also find useful.

One of these is the ability to create reports based on ticker symbols that you enter into the program. This can accomplish several different goals. For instance, you can add your existing holdings to the results of a set of screening criteria, and thus be able to sort your current portfolio along with the new ideas turned up by your search. If your current stocks keep ending up at the bottom of your sorted reports, you gain some important insight into the quality or strength of your portfolio and how it might be improved by replacing some of your stocks with new companies.

Another idea is to create a customized report that includes only your current stocks or watch list. Instead of using the program to search for stocks that meet particular criteria, you simply tell the program to show only stocks from the list of ticker symbols that you enter. Then, add any of Stock Prospector's 140 fields to display a comprehensive report on your stocks. You could even replicate the PERT Report or Stock Comparison Guide in the program to show the data in those formats.

To create a custom list of tickers, see the sample "Dow Jones" criteria that is included with the program when first installed, and then replace the symbols in the same format with your own companies, like this:

Symbol in ('AA','AXP','BA','BAC','C','CAT','CVX','DD','DIS','GE','GM','HD','HPQ',

In effect, you're searching through the Prospector database for companies with ticker symbols that match the list that you enter.

To add this list to the results of any screen, click "Pro mode" on the "Define screening criteria" window. Enter your screening criteria with "AND" selected in the first column at the start of each row. At the last row, select "OR" and enter your list of symbols as above. Now, when you run the screen, the resulting list of companies will include your personal list of stocks along with any companies that pass the other criteria. Click the report column headers to sort by any field.

Learn more about Stock Prospector.

One Year Ago in IAS: DG FastChannel, Inc.

In the October 2010 issue of the Investor Advisory Service we recommended DG FastChannel, Inc., a Texas-based provider of digital technology services that enable the electronic delivery of ads, syndicated programs and news video to broadcasters and other media outlets. This small company had revenues in 2009 of $190.9 million and had grown earnings per share at an annualized rate of 36.9% since 2000. How have the company and its stock performed in the year since it was recommended?

Before the company entered this newsletter, shares of DG FastChannel, Inc. (ticker: DGIT) rose from a low of $12.50 in January 2009 all the way up to a high of $44.19 in June 2010. The company took advantage, selling new shares in April 2010 at $31.50. Then on Aug. 30, a disappointing earnings report chopped the price all the way down to a low of $15.02. Management responded with a $30 million share buyback. It's unusual for a company to sell new shares, then turn around within six months and buy shares back. With the stock down 66% from its June highs, however, management obviously thought shares were a bargain. We agreed.

We introduced the ad delivery company to the Investor Advisory Service newsletter in October 2010. Our write-up quoted a price of $15.57, although shares quickly rebounded to the low $21 by Oct. 1. Based on projected 2011 earnings of $1.70, the stock sported a forward P/E of about 9. Analysts projected consensus five-year earnings growth of 32%. The runway for further growth did look clear, thanks to a continuing migration to HDTV advertising, but we considered analysts’ numbers a little inflated. Our estimates of 15% still gave shares an attractively low PEG ratio....

Read more....

Handling Spin-offs, Stock Splits, Mergers, and Litigation Settlements

ICLUBcentral President Doug Gerlach will present the next webinar in BetterInvesting's Club Treasurers Workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011, at 9 pm ET. For BetterInvesting members only, this webinar series is designed to help any member of an investment club to serve as the treasurer of an investment club.

At the September workshop, Doug will address "Handling Spin-offs, Stock Splits, Mergers, and Litigation Settlements." Occasionally, a company in your investment club portfolio will merge with another company, or spin-off a subsidiary into a new business, or issue new shares in a stock split. Although many of these transactions are fairly straightforward, it has become increasingly common for companies to find creative ways to account for these types of corporate actions, causing complexity for shareholders.

In this webinar, you'll learn where to find the information required to properly enter these transactions, how to record them in the club’s books using myICLUB, and where you can get more help when you need it. Doug will also be available for questions from attendees regarding any aspect of these topics.

Register today for the Club Treasurers Workshop (BetterInvesting member login required).

September 8, 2011


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