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September 22, 2011 -

In This Issue:

Toolkit 6 Tip: Using the Judgment Audit
by Doug Gerlach,
President, ICLUBcentral Inc.

The Judgment Audit function in Toolkit 6 is a great way to check your work before completing your stock study.

In fact, you should never complete a stock study in Toolkit 6 without consulting the Judgment Audit screen.

Toolkit 6 Judgment Audit

From the Stock Study window, click the Audit button on the toolbar to display the Judgment Audit. Here you'll find a list of any required steps that you have not completed, a summary of results and a list of "Items to Check."

Any items highlighted with a red check mark indicate a potential problem with your study, which could include forecasting EPS or sales growth faster in the future than it has been in the past, selecting future P/E ratios that may be too high, or if your study results in potential total return that's too low....

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How Much Is Good Advice Worth?

How much is good advice worth to you as an investor?

How much would you pay for independent, unbiased recommendations for your stock portfolio? Advice that is free from the conflicts of interest that are rife on Wall Street. Advice that doesn't come from some anonymous Internet chat board or some blustery talking head on television. Advice that's racked up a record of outperforming the overall market, as well as nearly every other stock newsletter, over the past 15 years.

Investor Advisory Service subscriber Bob G. from Winona, Minn., knows the answer. "The Investor Advisory Service more than paid for itself after the selection of a stock from my first issue," he says.

Bob, like the hundreds of other subscribers to the Investor Advisory Service, knows that a single issue of the newsletter can more than pay for itself many times over. With three top-notch stock recommendations in every issue, subscribers can always find at least one new idea that will fit with their current portfolios. And just one of those picks can earn you enough profits to more than cover the cost of your entire year's subscription.

Repeat that for 12 months, and you'll have 36 stock recommendations in a year. At the full cost of a $299 online IAS subscription, that works out to just $8.31 per stock pick. If you take us up on our special discount offer, each new stock idea comes out to just $5.98.

So, we repeat our question: How much is good advice worth to you as an investor? Can you afford not to subscribe? It's time for you to take control of your stock portfolio. Subscribe to IAS today.

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Using Projectors and Flat-Screen TVs in Your Club Meeting
by Doug Gerlach,
President, ICLUBcentral Inc.

In Steven Spielberg's science fiction thriller "Minority Report," Tom Cruise operated a computer display that filled an entire wall, using hand gestures to navigate and interact with the device. Although most of us would see a full-wall computer display as being a tad over the top, some of us could see the benefit of replacing the two (or three) widescreen flat-panel monitors on our desks with even more video firepower.

In any group setting, though, bigger is definitely better when it comes to presenting visual information. Until about a decade ago, BetterInvesting (then known as NAIC) members could purchase a large, plastic-coated cardboard Stock Selection Guide designed for use in teaching classes and conducting investment club meetings. Using a set of colored dry-erase markers, a presenter could manually complete an SSG and present it to a small group, even erasing and making adjustments on the fly.

Of course, presenting more than one stock required having multiple giant SSGs on hand or else taking a 20-minute break in between companies while the instructor erased and re-entered all the data. Today, the "Giant SSG" is, if not a collector's item, a remnant of the past. But the idea of large displays is still useful in a club meeting setting.

Many investment clubs are now fortunate to have use of an LCD (liquid crystal display) projector, either one that's provided in their meeting space (such as in an office or school), borrowed, or in the case of a larger, more-established club, even a unit the club purchased with club assets.

With a computer, screen and projector, you not only can display stock studies from Toolkit 6 to help in making buy and sell decisions, the club treasurer can also display the Valuation Statement, Member Status Report and other reports from the website. The education officer can demonstrate new investment websites as well, or project slides from a PowerPoint presentation. With a set of small speakers plugged in, the club could also tune in to a replay of an archive from the or BetterInvesting website and gain valuable insight into selecting stocks and managing a portfolio.

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September 22, 2011


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