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September 20, 2012 -

In This Issue:

IAS Featured in Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

In the October 2012 issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, the Investor Advisory Service and its solid performance record was featured in an article entitled "Where to Get the Best Stock Research."

"Unless picking stocks is your full-time job, you can probably use some help finding attractive opportunities or getting a feel for what makes a company tick. But with everyone from Jim Cramer to your broker vying for your attention, you face a surfeit of options," the article begins. "Here are our reviews of a few sources you may be considering."

In the "Newsletters" category, the writers of the article list three subscription services they think are worthy of consideration by individual investors, including IAS:

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Toolkit Version 6.4.7 Released

We have released a free update to Toolkit 6, taking the program to version 6.4.7. There are just a couple of changes in this release:

* A user-set custom forecast high price in section 4 is now stored in *.SSG and *.ITK files.

* The "Update Company Data" window now properly handles companies saved with the same ticker symbol.

* "Run-time error 5" is fixed when hand-entering historical annual data in the program.

For more information on updating the program, please visit

Is It Time to Celebrate Your Investment Club and Your Fellow Members?

In the holiday film classic “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie Parker’s father enters a sweepstakes and is the winner of a “Major Award.” The Old Man’s pride at being selected for such a prestigious recognition isn’t diminished what­soever by the contents of the crate marked “Fragile” that arrives at the Parker home. Carefully pawing through the excelsior-filled box, the Old Man gently lifts out a floor lamp shaped like a woman’s leg wearing a fishnet stocking, more suitable for a poolroom than a living room.

That the lamp is doomed is a certain prospect. But the pride felt by Ralphie’s father is undeniable. After all, it’s human instinct to want to be acknowledged and recognized for our accomplishments — slim as they may sometimes be.

Most investment clubs could stand to incor­porate some rituals of self-celebration now and again, as well as to recognize those within their ranks who go the extra mile on the club’s behalf.

For instance, why not create some small acknowledgement for outgoing officers after they’ve served their terms? 

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The 6th Rule of Mutual Fund Investing

6. Concentrate your portfolio in just a handful of funds.

That's all it takes to provide the bulk of the advantages of diversification. Too many investors mistakenly believe that "the more funds, the better" when it comes to their portfolios. In fact, mutual funds are already diversified vehicles in that they own dozens or hundreds of individual securities.

Certainly, very few investors need to own more than a half-dozen mutual funds in a single account. Owning too many funds results in "over-diversification," where the investment returns of the funds are likely to regress to the mean, which is a mathematical way of saying that they are more likely to perform in line with the overall market averages and will reduce your chances of performing better than the market. After expenses, you will surely short of the returns earned by the overall market. You’d be better off owning an index fund that tracks the overall stock market index (like a Dow Wilshire 5000 index fund) instead of owning so many different mutual funds.

Download a free sample issue of the Mutual Fund Informer and, for a limited time, subscribe at a special Charter Subscription Rate!  

September 20, 2012


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