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January 10, 2013 -

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ICLUBcentral has released a new portfolio management tool for long-term investors: This full-featured portfolio management tool allows investors to keep track of all of their investment transactions — for stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, cash, and even investment clubs! In fact, you can keep track of any asset you wish to use in the program.

Besides providing all the necessary record-keeping that investors need, excels at providing deep portfolio metrics and reports for your stock and fund holdings. Our reports give you greater levels of detail than you can get just about anywhere else, so you can review the diversification of your portfolio by asset class, industry and sector, company size, EPS growth rates, or market cap. You can get detailed reports of the fundamentals of your stocks based on the investing techniques taught by BetterInvesting and used in ICLUBcentral's Toolkit 6 software.

In addition, provides an option to "dissect" your mutual fund and investment club holdings to provide a truer picture of your diversification. We look inside your mutual funds to see how much each has invested in different sectors or in different sizes of companies. This gives you a much more valid picture of your exposure to different segments of the market and can help you fine-tune individual holdings.

Our Alerts function gives you updates when stocks report EPS, issue dividends, or split their shares.

Our reports provide robust graphs in addition to the data. You can choose to display information in reports for all, selected, or a single portfolio.

You can set up multiple watch lists to keep tabs on stocks of interest as well.

This is just a small sampling of all that can do for you! Start your free two-week trial today!

Club Tax Printer Update

In early January, the Internal Revenue Service finally finalized the 2012 forms for partnership tax returns. Unfortunately, there are some changes to the forms that affect investment clubs, and these changes are currently being implemented into the 2012 Club Tax Printer programs developed by ICLUBcentral.

The IRS Form 1065 Schedule D-1 has been discontinued, and a new form is now required, Form 8949. This form includes much of the information on the Schedule D-1 but also has additional questions about capital gains reported by the partnership.

In Part I of the form, partnerships must indicate whether the short-term capital gains reported by the partnership have also been reported to the IRS by a financial institution or brokerage firm on Form 1099-B with the appropriate cost basis. A separate Form 8949 must then be filed for short-term capital gains that have been reported with cost bases, for short-term capital gains that have been reported without cost bases, and for short-term capital gains that have not been reported.

This change has affected the release schedule of the 2012 Federal Club Tax Printer. We currently anticipate the release of the program in the third week of January.

There is still time to take advantage of early-bird pricing on pre-orders of the 2012 Club Tax Printers — order today!

New Price Charts on StockCentral now offers a new feature as part of its suite of stock analysis tools for long-term investors: historical stock price charts with a variety of technical indicators. Available in the Data tab of the site, the Charts tool displays a variety of indicators along with the price history of any equity. We have price data going back to 2000, for pre-set and customizable periods ranging from one, three, or six months to one, three, or five years, or all the data going back to 2000. You can quickly select a period by using the buttons at the top. We support several types of charts: line, open-high-low-close (OHLC), and candlestick charts.

We also provide customizable overlays, including simple moving averages, exponential moving averages, Bollinger bands, RSI, and MACD. You can select the periods and deviations you wish to use for these various indicators. We have plans to add stock splits and dividends to the charts as well. We are also working on some educational programming to help StockCentral subscribers use the new charts, and we are collecting feedback for further enhancements. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Along with the historical company data reports, stock screener, sector and industry average browser, financial ratio analyzer, research links, Roster of Quality Companies, portfolio manager and Take Stock fundamental analysis tool, we believe that the stock charts application adds even more value to the low cost of an annual StockCentral subscription. Check out the StockCentral Charts today!

Doug Gerlach to Present at World MoneyShow in Orlando

ICLUBcentral's very own Doug Gerlach is heading to The World Money Show , Jan. 30-Feb. 2 at the Gaylord Palms & Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, where he will share stock investing tips and other insights. Doug will discuss small-cap stock investing at 4 p.m. on Feb. 1, providing ideas for small-company stocks to help enhance your own or your investment club's portfolio. He'll also reveal the five rules of small-cap stock investing as well as outline common pitfalls to avoid in pinpointing small-company opportunities. At 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 2, Doug will teach attendees dividend analysis for growth stock investors. He'll cover concepts such as yield, the payout ratio, and the importance of not chasing dividends in your stock portfolio. In his capacity as Editor-in-Chief of the Investor Advisory Service newsletter, Doug will also participate in a panel discussion of top-rated newsletter editors led by Mark Hulbert of the Hulbert Financial Digest. Along with Doug, the panel features some of the recipients of Hulbert's 2013 Newsletter Honor Roll, including Louis Cavalier, Roger Conrad and James Lowell. The discussion will offer up ideas for 2013 and review common problems affecting individual investor performance in the market. Make sure to register for the free event and stop by to say hello to ICLUBcentral's growth stock guru.

January 10, 2013


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