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Additional Printed Manual — Club Accounting 3

Additional Printed Manual — Club Accounting 3
ICLUBcentral's Club Accounting 3 is the most popular investment club accounting software in the world. As club treasurer, you can print reports, share graphs, and prepare your club's taxes all with a few keystrokes. This additional copy of the 207-page printed manual included with every CA3 purchase is an essential resource during the hectic flurry of tax season, but is also perfect for training a new treasurer or assistant treasurer, or as a companion to an additional CA3 license. Its Wire-O spiral binding allows it to lay flat for easy desktop use.
Printed Manual: $26.62 + $6.95 S&H
Shipped via first class mail.
Important note: This is only the printed manual for the program. The Club Accounting 3 software is available for separate purchase.

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