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Investment Account Manager 2.0

*The order form requires you to input the serial number generated when you install the demo. After your purchase, you will receive an activation code that will convert your program to the full-featured version. Please contact Support with any questions 877-33-ICLUB.

Designed by professional money managers at QUANT IX SOFTWARE, Inc. and used by investors Worldwide since 1985, Investment Account Manager provides extensive investment tracking and portfolio management tools. If you have the responsibility of overseeing and managing one or several portfolios, you'll discover many comprehensive features that save time, help you to avoid mistakes, while leading to better portfolio management decisions.

Investment Account Manager's features include:

  • Comprehensive investment tracking features for a variety of asset types.
  • Graph your portfolios' performance, income, asset allocation, diversification, and maturity schedule.
  • Download stock data from web site.
  • Data importing /exporting popular software applications including the most popular investment software, Toolkit 6, spreadsheet and word processing programs.
  • Beginner and advanced user modes.
  • And much more!


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